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Wow! I really didn't mean to not update since Thanksgiving... I'm sorry I've been neglecting the site for those who still visit it... I promise it is not dead. Activity wise perhaps, but we're still here! Do your part... Direct new furries here and try to stir up some activity. But only the good kind, please.

As some of you may have noticed, we've had a recent problem with some spambots on the forum. The problem with this new phpbb3 system is that few anti-spam mods are available. I'll look into it more later, but for now, I've disabled new user registration. New users should contact me. Pregfur on AIM, pregfur on dA, or pregfur on FA.


What is this place about?

“I am pregnant” Three little words that can change anyone's life. This is just as true for those that are covered with fur or scales as it is for anyone else. This site is dedicated to those wonderful fur females that carry the next generation... and to those that love them.

Here you will find all types of pregnant non-humans depicted in art and writing. It is a friendly place but watch your step, some of them have been known to bite! We are a diverse community dealing in a wide variety of tastes and interests. There is something here for most... so take your favorite morning sickness remedy, put those swollen paws up, relax and enjoy. We are here for you.

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