My first story I codenamed "Julie"

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My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby OmVest » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:23 pm

This is my first story, and actually my first post. Please tell me what you think. Or, you know, so long as it's helpful and constructive.


EDIT: Apparently this is gonna take several posts.

Chapter 1:

Julie was just like any seventeen-going-on-eighteen-year-old girl, she thought. She was independent, attractive, generally confident and at least not dumb as a post. Naturally, this means she was not just like any other girl. In fact, if she had taken the chance to look around, she would have realized she was not at all like most of the girls at her school.
She was also an anthropomorphic fox. But, that was normal, most of the girls in her school were either foxes, horses or rabbits. There were a few other species represented, but those seemed to be the most common. What really set her apart, aside from her amazing good looks and size 38 DD bra size, was her two tails. Her mother and father had never explained that to her, despite her mother having four and her father being a anthro clydesdale. She should have had some of his traits, but for some reason unbeknownst to her, she was almost flawlessly fox.
But, she cared very little for this fact until someone noticed it for her. Usually, it was a guy who had not seen her yet. Most stared, others whistled. Some even tried to touch it, apparently to see if it was real. To each, her response was usually to blush, but those boys who tried to touch her tails, she got inexplicably angry at. Girls, however, she often stared back at, her anger still present, but not as greatly as when it was a boy.
But it was rare now for anyone to even glance at her unique tails. Mostly, people only noticed her ass, which fit her breast size quite well. Her hips we a bit small for the set, though. Her waist, she thought, could use some work. If she had ever paid attention, she would also have known that most of the girls at her school dreamed of having her waist, and hips for that matter. Even without this knowledge, it was commonplace to see Julie wagging her hips from side-to-side through the halls of Vulpine-Equine-Lapine High School, where currently she was in her Senior year.
It was the first day back from Winter Break. She wore a heavy coat that fit her figure snuggly. It was white, like her soft belly fur, while the interior was a dim orange. It was not unlike her body fur, which was a brighter shade of orange, fading to black at her hands and paws. She, like eighty percent of the school, had more animalistic feet, which bent backwards below her knee, until they came down to her paws, small toes surrounding a central mass, each with soft pads on their bottoms. These paws were covered by thick, striped wool socks that looked more like booties, and then soft leather boots that had furry ruffles at the top. These ruffles were pink, an odd contrast to her dark brown pants. The pants were winter-weight, which was really difficult to make fit her. For one, she had needed the extra tail-space, and two, her ass was larger than the opening. They eventually just cut a new zipper to fit. Her low-cut neck shirt, now visible because her bust had burst the zipper during the break, was also pink, and had the image of an airship on it, the cover of her favorite band's latest album.
She walked in to school from her car, parked near enough to walk. She pulled the makeshift-zipper on her coat up, which pushed her bust yet higher, and exposing just that much more cleavage. She walked, her hips spanning the hallway with every step, to her locker. Her combination had not changed in all previous three years, so it was literally a flick of her wrist to open it. She pulled the relevant books form the small shelf inside, and placed one of the two notebooks she had been carrying beside the others. She closed the door and spun the dial back to locked.
She turned, and was immediately met by the gaze of a new student. While he was not anywhere near her, it was rather early, and they were the only two in that hallway. He was a hybrid, part wolf, part horse. What kind of horse, she could not tell, because he had the long, blackish-gray fur of a wolf on almost every inch of his body, save his stomach. His eyes were savage, but soft. He was muscular. But he also had a gut, though he was by no means fat. He was taller than Julie, but that was not difficult, especially for his horse half. His head was canine, with fangs outside his lower lip, meaning he was descended from the Dire wolves, long thought extinct. From his waist down, however, he was all equine. His tail was the many-haired and active mane of a horse, braided slightly at the top. His feet were bent like a horses, and ended in hooves, which were bare save for two metal shoes stamped into them. He wore a vest only, which was black and blended in with his body fur, but made a stark contrast when it fell across his white belly fur. His pants were black cargo pants, the pockets filled with small things he would need during the school day.
When he noticed Julie staring, he started, saying, "Oh, I'm sorry."
Julie was taken aback as much as he was, "No, it's okay, I'm used to new people staring."
The wolf-horse smiled sheepishly, "That obvious?"
"Only noobs stare like that at these," she said, giggling and swishing her tails in his direction while turning a full three-hundred and sixty degrees, "And to be perfectly honest, I kind-of like it."
She had been lying of course, but for some reason could not stop herself. Behind her orange and black fur, she was blushing, as well. His eyes locked with hers for a second, and she saw he was blushing himself. She smiled again, asking, "So, what's your name?"
He looked at her, his canine ears twitching, "Mason."
"Well, Mason, I'm Julie, Senior."
"Pleasant greetings, fellow Senior Julie," Mason said, partly sarcastically. The silence dragged on for a moment. Then Mason's ears twitched once more, and one of Julie's friends, a Lapine named Darla, bounded up, shrieking:
"Hi Julie!" after which she giggled and hugger her friend.
Julie stared at her friend. Darla was always so bubbly, almost annoyingly so. Still, she meant well. Julie returned the hug, saying just as loudly, but more sarcastically, "Hi Darla!"
The two hugged for a moment before breaking off. Julie looked to her side, where Mason had been only a moment before. He was gone, however. There was a post-it stuck to a locker near his last location. Julie walked over and looked at it, reading aloud:

Sorry, I hate loud noises. Maybe I'll see you during the day.
-Mason (senior)

Darla, of course, stared blankly after her friend. Unlike most of the girls in the school, Darla was rather like a bag of rocks when it came to brains. Most of her friends, and family for that matter, just assumed her head had gotten a little squashed in the womb, her five fraternal twin brothers crowding her out. But, without her brothers, she probably would have fallen victim to the bullies in elementary school, like the wolf gangs that all seemed to gather at Lapine primaries. They were also the stronger part of the defensive line at Vulpine-Lapine. Julie just shook her head, and the two headed for Darla's locker.


Her first class was High School Calculus, which she took with Darla. How the poor girl got into the class, Julie never knew, but she could not tell her derivatives from her divisors. Nor that from her dividends, but Julie had problems with that relationship, too.
Second period (well, third, Vulpine-Equine-Lapine had a two-day schedule) was her first elective, Fashion Marketing. Darla, bless her heart, could not get into this class, and had settled for Remedial Shakespeare. Actually, this was one of Julie's worst classes. While it was fun, and she was technically good with designs, she never had the feel for current and future fashions. And almost everyone in the class was stuck-up to some degree, so Julie never made any good friends, or good acquaintances for that matter.
Third, or fifth, period was another elective, following lunch. It was an advanced typing class that got into the next layer of computer use, such as word processing and databasing. And small bits of programming, but that was only when the teacher did not like the programs the school provided them.
Julie's last class of the day was her absolute worst class: Language and Writing. In preparation for college, "And the real world," as her teacher liked to say, the class was designed for paper-writing. "And, no, you cannot use a computer."
Julie entered the class, Darla following closely on the balls of her feet. Her energy seemed never to decline, and had been reprimanded by several teachers countless times for fidgeting in class until they got tired of telling her off and just ignored her, even when she had the right answer, which was not very often. Unfortunately, that meant that most of the time Julie was also in the teacher's blind-spot. And she had the correct answer a good eighty percent of the time. Julie scanned the room for two available seats, as they were very close on time. She found two suitable seats, and headed for them.
It was only after she sat down that she realized why they were empty. When she turned to look at her neighboring desk-mate, her gaze turned straight into the calm, wild eyes of Mason, the wolf-horse from that morning. They exchanged warm yet embarrassed smiles as the teacher entered the room and closed the door. Rather, slammed the door and made Darla lose her seat.
"Sit back down Miss Carro, and turn to page one-hundred and twenty-two in your books."
Darla at least had the brains not to ask if she meant only she had to turn to page 'one-hundred and twenty two.'" Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the only person more air-headed than Darla, Jackson, Darla's cousin. His stupidity gave credence to their families' theory about their heads and squishing.
He said, quite loudly and blandly, "Do we all have to-"
The teacher, mercifully, cut him off, saying at the higher part of the she-horse's lungs, "YES, Mister Carro, you do. As do the rest of you," she added, scanning the room with her spherical black eyes. "You will read, if you have not already, the section dealing with citations. Until now I have not made you do so, only because the school says I can not."
Mason's hand raised, and when acknowledged, asked the very question Julie had been asking in her head, "What if we have read the section, ma'am?"
The teacher looked at him, surprised. Her ears pricked upward, and she said, shrugging happily, "So long as you do not disturb the class, Mister Dirvire."
Every book in the class turned to the specified page, save for those in front of Mason and Julie. Julie's tails flicked behind her, her excitement building. She looked at the desk in front of Mason. Her general confidence was lost behind a cloud of unknown origin in her mind. She watched as he produced a notebook, covered in fresh pen ink with dark symbols, which made her a little uncomfortable. But, inside, the book was notes from the day. He flipped to a blank page and wrote small messages.
It seems my hope was not misplaced.
Julie's ears twitched, as a lightbulb might go off above a scientist's head, and she rushed to get her own paper. The flurry of motion attracted the eyes of the teacher, who said nothing, but scowled her long face at her. Looking falsely apologetically back at her and dragging her notebook and a pencil to the top of her deck.
Your ta bunny friend shook my sensitive ears pretty badly.
Sorry, she's like that.
So I see.
There was a moment of silence between them again, as each searched for something to say. Pages turned across the room.
So, where'd you transfer in from?
"Your time is up. If you have not finished the section, I suggest you taken Mister Divire and Miss Nonatagel's lead for tomorrow's reading. For now. . . "
The class passed otherwise uneventfully. Darla rode the bus with her brothers, so she went one way while Julie went another. Mason, however, had seemed to stay where he was until all had left. Curious, Julie sat, her coat easily blocking the chilling wind, on the hood of her Sport Utility Vehicle. She was one of two vehicles left in the lot by the time Mason left the building. He now carried a backpack and motorcycle helmet. This was handy, as the remaining vehicle was in fact a motorcycle. It was decorated with the same symbols as Mason's notebook.
She watched him climb atop the bike and attempt to kick-start the engine. The engine revved, sputtered, then died. He tried again, as if this were a normal proceeding. The engine gave out a second, and eventually third and fourth time. Julie, concerned and fairly generous, drove her SUV over to him.
Mason seemed to ignore her. He got down on the ground and began inspecting the bike. After a few minutes of pushing, prodding and several seemingly-arbitrary wrench-turns, he tried again to start the 'cycle. Once more, but with more gusto and a louder popping sound, the engine started sputtered, and failed. But, the bottom came out of it this time, permanently stranding him. Or, it would have if Julie had not been sitting nearby.
"Would you care for a ride?" She said brightly.
He jerked his head, still helmeted, in her direction. Unsnapping the straps holding it in, he lifted the visor. His eyes were fury solidified. But upon seeing her, their violent gaze became shielded. Not gone, but hidden.
"If you don't mind getting your carpet dirty."
"Not at all," she lied, again. She climbed out of the SUV and popped the back gate open. Mason, helmet now removed to the bike itself, lifted it as if it were no heavier than a feral dog, and set it gently into the back of the larger vehicle. He was even kind enough to put the broken oil pan directly beneath it in a vain attempt at sparing the plush carpeting of Julie's truck.
Removing his backpack, Mason climbed into the passenger seat, a hole made especially for anthros directly at the base of the seat. He set his backpack behind his seat with a light toss. From the sound of it, Julie would have guessed that only his notebooks were in it now. Her own books were set behind her own seat in a careful manner which covered her normally-unorganized manner.
"Anywhere specific I can take you?" she asked, just as cheerfully as she had been that morning.
Mason looked at the fox, his eyes calming quickly. He smiled again, but this time his fangs were more visible. He spoke in a low voice, "Labyrinth Street."
"Really?" Julie asked, "Which block?"
"The end of it, actually."
Julie was taken aback. At the end of Labyrinth Street was a large house called The Labyrinth for its well-known basement which was a giant maze. At the center there was said to be a great treasure, but to take it meant figuring the maze out from a different angle, with walls constantly moving. Nevertheless, Julie brought the truck to reverse, and backed out the space. She took one last look at Mason to be sure he was not just playing with her.
"Yes, I live in that house," he said, "My Grandfather was a powerful Black Clydesdale. A contradiction in terms. That's why I have these legs."
"Oh," Julie gasped. She had heard the stories. Two generations prior, a Black Clydesdale who happened to be a self-proclaimed sorcerer turned out to be just that. He had built the manor house, then disappeared. The house had been empty since then, until now it seemed.
The drive to Labyrinth was almost silent. The radio kept the truck from being uncomfortably quiet. Julie was afraid of asking the questioned that now burned within her mind, and it seemed Mason was not going to press them out of her or give any more explanations. But upon reaching the Street, he began to fidget. He kept cocking his head to one side, as if listening for something only he could hear. But, so far as Julie knew, nothing was out there.
"That's my house," Julie said suddenly, pointing to a three-story home with a widow's walk and gothic theme.
Mason looked, almost knowingly, at the house, but said nothing. He just sat back in the chair and watched his own house slowly rise into view. Though rise is not quite the correct word, because it was at the top of a light-graded hill. The house, like most of the neighborhood, was very gothic in appearance, with useless buttresses sticking out at almost random angles. The house looked disheveled, but it was meant to look that way. All the angles had been placed perfectly, to both look ramshackle and distort its actual height. In reality, it was just a wider version of most of the three-story houses on the street, but to anyone driving up the long, silent drive, it seemed an imposing building with several extra stories.
The gate was closed when they came to it. Mason fished a small remote from his backpack and pressed its only button, a large white one. The gate swung open, allowing entrance to the grounds. The grounds were much more cheery and just as beautiful as the house itself, with gold-gilded fountains and smaller gardens filled with unseasonal reds and blues. The front door had a circular drive int front of it. Waiting in front of the door were two people, one a mongrel-looking anthro dog in a formal suit and white gloves. The other was an old anthro tabby cat in a classic nanny dress. As Julie pulled to a stop, the dog opened the passenger door with a gloved hand.
"Welcome back, Master Mason," he said, his voice old and worn, but with a firm grasp such as a rich-kid's social guardian might have, "We were worried when you didn't call again."
"I told you my cell died."
"Yes, but that's no reason not to stop somewhere and make a call, you know," the tabby had a voice that perfectly fit her appearance, "And besides, what would your mother think if she saw you now?"
"I'd hope he was happy I'm still alive," Mason said as Julie opened the back gate again. The servants apparently had not yet noticed her. That yet turned to now and passed, and the servants looked at her in surprise.
"What have we here?" the mongrel said under his breath.
"Has he found a mate so soon in a new city?" the Tabby did not hide her voice quite so well.
"She's just a friend, oh ancient ones," Mason spat.
"Well, if she's just a friend, then you can inviter her in without a problem," Another gentleman had appeared in the group. This one was a dark grey Dire wolf. He too wore a suit, but it was more casual, and he wore a red shirt beneath it.
"Yes, I can Dad," Mason said calmly, "And before you ask-" he gestured between Julie and the new Wolf and back again, "Dad, this is Julie, Julie, my Dad."
"Nice to meet you," Julie said, tentatively.
"I'm sure," the wolf said. It sounded genuine, but there was a hint of something beneath the surface that troubled Julie. "Well, won't you come in then?"
Julie looked at Mason, who shook his head almost imperceptibly.
"Sorry, but I must get this homework finished," Julie said, closing her SUV back up, "First day back and they're already piling it on."
"Ah, well, don't let us keep you, then," Mason's father said in a saccharine voice.
Julie returned home just a little wary of Mason's family, and now more afraid of the house than she had been.


The next day's classes were: of all things to have early in the morning Gym, Government 1 in which students learned about the local, state and federal governments and their relationships with each other, Julie's Piano elective, which was Darla's favorite and best class, and Physics. Mason was in this last class, and Julie found herself accidentally beside him again.
I'm beginning to make a habit out of this, she thought, Or maybe the gods are trying to tell me something.
The class was mostly boring. Except for the lab at the end of the class. Because she had placed herself beside the new guy, she had been placed in his group to "show him how we do things here," as if they were different outside this school. They talked throughout the lab, Mason opening up about his family a little more.
"Well, my father's actually the rich one. My mother just wanted to move back in to the house. Dad seems to think the families, like your's, should be paying rent on the land he claims they're 'squatting' on."
"Well, I know my parents actually own the land our house is on."
"And they're not the only ones."
Mason had even talked about the strange symbols in his bike:
"They're native symbols that have been given spikes. Though my dad has a taste for macabre architecture, he really isn't quite as in to Macabre lifestyles. So, I thought it'd piss him off if I started drawing them," he smiled with satisfaction as his chest puffed outwards, "And I was right."
Julie giggled sincerely. She had been doing that a lot recently. Mostly just in the past two days. She had also started strutting a lot more confidently, if that was at all possible. Her hips swayed in an even greater arc, causing most of the girls in the school to look at her with even more contempt than usual. And the guys in the school were staring more now, too. She could not tell anyone why, not even herself.
Class ended with a bang, as one of the groups' project exploded off their table, singing the fur off the group's fronts. Mason had been quickest with the extinguisher, Julie only a step behind him, pulling her burnt classmates to the full-body wash for needed cold water.
Julie walked all the way down to the parking lot with Mason before telling him she had actually ridden the bus tat morning. He, laughing incredulously, offered her a ride on his bike, with an extra helmet he just happened to have today.
"Do you need to be home immediately?" he asked, his voice light and playful.
"Nope. And my cell's charged if they need me back."
"Good, I want to show you something."
As Julie held on tightly around Mason's waist, he took off down the road to a small, secluded spot not far off Labyrinth. It looked like an old rabbit-hole, but was far too large.
"It's a wolf den. Very old at that," Mason explained.
Julie bristled, now wary and defensive by instinct.
"Don't worry, it hasn't been used since before we were born."
Julie looked at Mason, her eyes narrowed, "It's also very secluded."
Mason frowned, then his face lowered in realization, "I didn't bring you here for that," he moved to the back of the small, cave-like entranceway. He slid his hand across the hand-worked stone until he found what he was looking for. Sliding his claws into the rock as though it were butter, he pulled the slab sideways, revealing a narrow tunnel.
"Behind here is a network of tunnels that lead to every house on Labyrinth, including both mine and yours."
Julie looked down the dark passage, not quite sure what to think, or feel. She decided fear was an appropriate response. Instead of screaming, like Darla would have, she stepped up to the passage, staying berry near to Mason, but far enough away so he could not push her in. He stepped closer to her. Julie turned her gaze to him, defiant and challenging at the same time.
Mason put his hands up, palms toward Julie. He stepped back.
"So. . . this tunnel leads to both our houses?"
"And every house on the street, one way or another."
Julie stepped into the darkness and shadow. A spider had recently been here, for their webs caught about her arms and chest. The tunnel was empty beyond the first few, though. But it was darker than even her vulpine eyes could see, and there were no smells save dust that hung in the air. A light came from behind her, and she turned. Mason held a small LED light in his had. It had to bee for her, for his canine eyes could surely see in such dark.
"The first left leads to your house. It comes out in your basement," he said. Julie probably should have been outraged that he had been in her house without her or her parents knowing. She could not bring herself to be so, however. He stepped ahead of her, which was a difficult task considering the space. Along that short distance, he paused. Julie, at first, wondered why. Then she realized he had brushed her substantial chest. It was good it was dark, because Julie blushed, instead of the more predictable response.
But he led the way to her home, taking things slowly as many of the passageways were strewn with rubble. But Julie maintained her species' graceful movements throughout it all, rendering his awfully kind gesture nearly useless.
They came to an opening in the rock, which was covered by a panel of wood not unlike a door. But there was no handle, and no apparent way of surpassing it. Mason, however, set his shoulder against the panel and preceded to use the horse-like strength in his legs to push it open. Julie was fairly sure she could never do that, unless there was a handle or something on the other side.
The door finally opened far enough to see in. Sure enough, it was Julie's basement. And, fortunately, there was a small bar across the other side of the panel which could be pulled to open the tunnel from the house side.
"And that is why most people never bother to block the door off," Mason said, following Julie's gaze, "Nobody believes a wolf could open the door, if any still remained"
Julie smirked, "I guess this proves them wrong."
"Not quite," he said, slapping his thigh.
They stood in silence, once again just staring at each other, their smiles betraying their own feelings. Both sets of ears twitched as the basement door's lock slid open. Shoving Mason in first, Julie dove back into the tunnel. He pulled it shut as quickly and quietly as he could, which was not very much of either. Thankfully, it have Been Julie's brother who had been trying to open the door. She knew her brother was not very dextrous. He had, somewhat comically, inherited his hands from their father. Essentially, he had hooves with an extra bend in them, and an opposable thumb that was set just a little too far back. But he still learned to write with them, and he mostly typed what he needed anyway.
In the darkness, though, only the two's frantic breathing could be heard. Then they heard hoof-steps going away from the door. Julie and Mason breathed a sigh of relief. In this closeness, Julie could smell every scent normally trapped in Mason's fur. Her eyes fluttered closed as she took in what she could. Then she snapped back, remembering how her mother had warned her of such scents.
"All men are the same, though they try to hide it. They each give off a scent that would-" Oddly, the memory ended there. She knew it was something she did not yet want, but even if a god had asked her, she could not have remembered.
"I-" Mason's soft voice came from behind Julie. She turned slightly, her eyes fixed even in the dark. "I've wanted to ask, could I-" His speech broke off again. She smiled reassuringly, knowing he could see it even if she could not see him.
He took a breath before continuing, "I've wanted to ask if I could touch your. . .," as he trailed off Julie thought he was going to say "boobs." He did not, though, and said, quickly and quietly, apparently embarrassed about it, "I was wondering if I could touch your tails."
Reflexively Julie's tails twitched. No one had ever asked before. Everyone that had wanted to seemed just to reach out in a trance and rush it with their fingers. To be perfectly honest, she was at a loss for an answer. She knew she would get inexplicably mad if he did, but then again, that was for those who just did it. But Mason had asked.
After a long moment of silence, Julie smiled again and turned her flank in his direction, saying softly, "Sure."
Mason reached his large had out, hesitating just above her tail's fur. Then, slowly, he lowered his hand into the fur, letting each hair caress his hand, but also letting his hand caress the hairs. Julie shivered, his touch causing a different fire in her. He ran his hand up her tail, slowly, pausing just above its base, then moved to the next, stroking the fur the other way.
It was a perfect moment, Julie thought. Her feelings were now solidified. She was utterly attracted to this Dark Wolfdale. His hand had not left her tail when she whipped around, bringing him into a long, passionate kiss. His hand was still wraped around the end of her tail, but that only made Julie crave this kiss more. He let go, wrapping his arms around her instead. Their lips parted, but they remained in the close embrace, Julie's head now resting on Mason's chest.
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

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Chapter 2: (because I can't put it in an attachment)

"Back so soon?" Julie's mother asked as she walked in the door.
"Why would I be late, exactly?" Julie asked.
Her mother smiled. She closed her eyes and looked upward. Julie knew she was bribing the ether for something.
"What about that nice wolfdale boy?"
Julie was not surprised. Her mother was one of the few people in the world that could use magic. She could probably do some wicked stuff, but Julie had only seen her use it to watch Julie and her siblings.
"Mason is just a friend, mom," Julie said, knowing her mother would see through it. She was hiding it, instead, from her brothers and sisters, who were listening intently one floor above.
Julie's mother brought her daughter into a hug, whispering, "A friend who can touch your tails?"
"Alright, so more than a friend. but he-" Julie's own whispering was cut off.
"I know dear," her mother released her, "Just be careful. He may be half-clydesdale, but he is still also half-wolf."
Julie smiled. Her relationship with her mother was stronger, she supposed, than most of her friends' relationships with their mothers. "Thanks, mom."
"Now, be sure to get your homework done," her mother said as she turned back to the rather substantial kitchen behind the foyer, "Dinner will be ready when your father gets home."
Julie headed upstairs to her room on the top floor. Somehow, she knew that it meant she had two hours to work on her homework before dinner. She supposed her mother had planted the thought, and working countdown timer in her head.


For a little over a month, Julie and Mason had kept their relationship secret from all but those who could tell on their own. This list was two persons long: Julie's mother, and Mason's nanny, who had apparently also been Mason's father's nanny.
Then came her eighteenth birthday. It was, coincidentally, only days after his. They had gotten each other gifts, funded by the only people in the know. But on this day, they decided to stop hiding it. Instead of saying something to anyone else, they had arranged for their birthday celebrations to be at the same place at the same time.
The dinner did not quite go as planned. Mason's father kept accusing Julie's father of squatting on his property, to which the clydesdale quickly produced a copy of the deed, which showed his rightful, lawful ownership of said land. Their mothers, however, spent most of the night discussing embarrassing moments from their childhoods. By the end of the night, both Mason and Julie were glad eighteen meant they could drink.
One bottle of wine later, the two were carried home by their families, each too drunk to drive well enough.


Julie's next morning started with her mother sitting at the end of her bed. Julie sat up, her head pounding from her brand new first-drink-of-my-life hangover. Her mother kept one eye on her while she seemed to be staring at the wall.
"You know, eighteen years ago, I could have sworn you would still have had only one tail," her mother said.
Julie, still mostly asleep, moaned, "Huh?"
Her mother looked at her directly, "I have a confession to make, dear. I am not just a fox with a random gene. I am, and have been for four centuries, a nine-tailed fox."
Julie looked confused, and apparently still thought she was dreaming, "But you only have four tails."
Her mother hid her laugh with a smirk, "Yes, and it will be several more centuries before the others grow in. But I am, as it it called, a kitsune. A magical species of fox that live for very long times, and grow the extra tails. Like you, someone touching them makes me very angry. And the magic in my veins makes me do things to people I would never dare do consciously."
"Like what happened to dad?"
"Exactly like that," her mother look a breath, "When you were born, you had my fur, as you still do. But that made me think you would be the next one in our family to be a nine-tail. You even showed a bit of latent magical ability."
"So, I can do the stuff you do?"
"Yes, and no. Your abilities seem to be hidden behind your mortality. And I'm afraid you are quite mortal. Your second tail shows us this."
Her mother paused, taking another breath, this one deeper than the last. Julie could see her mother physically gathering her courage. Whatever she had to say was going to be important.
"What is it, mom?" Julie asked, her headache slowly dying away.
"On your third day of life, I changed you."
Julie only blinked, the meaning of these words eluding her.
"I used my power to change your physical form into what you are now."
Julie stared, surprised, but unsure how to feel beyond the first reaction. She settled for asking, "What did I look like before?"
Julie's mother looked her daughter in the eyes. Julie could see her remorse, her apology sitting just behind her eyes. "I could show you."
Julie sat, thinking about this thought for a moment. She had been this way all her life. But something inside her urged her to do it. It was that same something that had told her to let Mason touch her tails. Trusting the judgement of her own mind, she nodded to her mother.
Julie's mother stood, and pulled Julie to her feet. She pulled Julie's shirt off of her, leaving her completely naked. The room was cold, and her fur was standing on ends. Her tails swished once before a warmth began to spread from her mid-section outward. When it reached every part of her, the warmth turned hot, scalding her and doubling her over in pain. But she could not cry out. She fell to her knees, her paws awkwardly out behind her.
And then the heat was gone, and the cold air of her room washed across her again. Julie stood, her balance just out of reach as she realized her paws had been replaced with hooves. She looked down. Her bright orange fur began to fade about her hips, turning to a rich chestnut color. It also became thinner, her legs now colder than she expected. Her hooves, however, were covered in tick white hair that made built-in leg-warmers. She twitched her tails, and found they were now no more than long strands held to gather at he base by a small nub each. From the waist down, she was equine.
Julie's mother helped her stand, then sat her back on the bed.
"So, do you ant to stay this way?"
Julie thought about it while running her hands, which had remained unchanged, down her new legs. She felt her tails, and absently began to braid them. She turned to her mother smiling, "Only if you help me get these under control."
Julie's mother smiled at her daughter, and reached down to braid the other tail, matching her daughter's pattern.


Monday morning, when she entered the school, everyone once again stared at Julie. Her hips, she realized the day before, had grown slightly, making her breasts, ass and hips a perfectly matched set. She could no longer use her trademark hip-wagging walk, but she managed still to walk as sensuously as ever.
She had not seen Mason all weekend, even after going to their meeting place in the tunnels. She had gotten to school later than usual, her driving skills still not back to normal yet with her new legs.. As the bell rang, she briefly saw him run in to his first class. Julie ran, her newly-shoed hooves loud on the linoleum, to her math class.
Darla had saved her a seat, thankfully, and looked almost aghast at Julie when she sat down.
"Tell you later," she mouthed.


Julie did not see Mason all day, even at lunch, until Writing class. Julie ran to class to try to catch him before the bell rang, Darla barely keeping up. Catch him she did. He looked up at her as she entered the room, striding confidently. Actually, it was more of a temptation walk, as there were only the three of them in the room. Mason's eyes widened, his lower jaw falling a little.
"You like?" she asked in her most sensual voice.
"Very," he said, pulling her chair back for her. Julie sat down, a little less gracefully than she would have liked. But Mason placed his arm behind her, steadying her and drawing her closer. "How. . . ?"
"My mother apparently knows a few more tricks than just spying on people."
"Did you ask her to?"
"No," Julie said, and then explained most of the conversation she had with her mother Saturday morning. When she finished, she looked back at him, and for the first time in their relationship, noticed the bulge in his pants form. If she had been paying attention, it had formed other times, too.
His arm slid down her back, stopping just above her tails. His eyes locked with hers, telling her all she needed to know. She nodded, and he ran his hand down her tails again as the rest of the class filtered in, as if on cue. She moaned as she had done the first time, because it felt just as good. She had thought the hairs wool dhave no feeling, like the deep red hair on her head, but his touch once again electrified her, even down to the very end of them.
She fell further into his grip, lifting her head toward his. They kissed again, just as passionately, if not as longly, as the first time. It was cut off by the teacher walking into class and slamming the door.
"Please take out your books!" she yelled, paying no heed to the couple in the back, Julie suspected she had known about them since the first time she saw them together in class, but could not be sure. If she did, she seemed to have a romantic side for it, and let them do as they would. "Today, we study the romantic period, and its effect on writing."


They put Mason's bike in the back of the SUV, and drove out once again to their secret place. They made it only a few steps into the cave entrance before diving into each other's embrace. Mason fell backwards on to the ground as Julie removed his pants. In Julie's memory, the scene faded out like an old Hollywood sex-scene, though she would remember their fiery passion for the rest of her life.


"How could you possibly know that?" Julie asked her mother. She had responded to her mother's claim that Julie and Mason had mated the day before. It probably did not help that she had not shown up at all the night before.
"For one thing, you're pregnant," her mother said in all seriousness.
Julie blanched. She swallowed, "What?"
Julie's mother looked at her daughter, her face showing no discernible emotion, "Yes. Two days ago you had but one life-light in you. Today, there are two, and traces of a third usually left over from such feral matings."
Julie found a chair quickly. She would need to tell Mason eventually. Or sooner. Her mother pulled up her own chair beside her daughter.
"Your life isn't over because of this."
Julie looked at her mother. There was a caring smile on it. "You're. . . not mad?"
Julie's mother hugged her, "No, dear. you shouldn't show before graduation. And Mason is a strong man who will be able to care for you no matter what."
"But you said-"
"And I'm glad I was wrong," Julie's mother released her, placing her hands on her daughter's shoulders instead, "And, so you know, since you and he were mated, I can hear his thoughts as much as yours. He thinks of you even now, while his mind should be on other things more scholarly."
Julie giggled. That was just like Mason, a harsh fighter with a big heart.
"I think I ought to go see him," Julie said.
"I think you should too," her mother replied, "And I need to return Mrs. Divire's dish anyway."


Mason had been surprised, scared, and finally joyous when Julie told him. Fortunately, each emotion had happened near-simultaneously, so all Julie really saw was his happiness, and him gently but firmly embracing her. Julie felt his pants bulge again, but she took little notice of it. SHe drew him by his chin down into a kiss. As it went on, Julie thought it was almost the perfect kiss, surpassed only by their first. Neither pulled back, even when the mongrel butler walked in, apologized, and walked out. Julie began to wish the kiss would never end.


The kiss ended, though, as did the school year. As her mother had predicted, Julie had not shown greatly before graduation. Mason's father had just about disowned him when he found out, however. Julie's father had been on the verge of doing so himself before her mother stopped him. Once again, the couple's mothers were completely okay with the union, while their father's were nearly at each other's throats, trying to assign blame for something everyone else thought a wondrous happening.
As a graduation gift, Mason's mother had convinced his father to give them the only property they had successfully seized from "squatters." It had been the only one without a legitimate deed, and seemed to be the only legitimate squatters case. The house, like the rest of the neighborhood, had a distinctly gothic feel to it. The only odd thing about it was that it had only one floor, not including the apparently-imperative basement. It had three bedrooms and two baths. Which leads well into one of Julie's gifts: her mother had paid to have the master bathtub replaced with a much larger, jacuzzi model.
"You'll thank me in a few months," she had said.
They were married in front of the house, under the watchful gaze of both Lupiné and Vulpina, the guardian god and goddess of Wolves and Foxes, respectively. When it came time to choose a name, they eventually decided to make a new one out of both names. Both families had shown up in great force, and both were very old, so an accurate age could not be determined. So, they became Mason and Julie Divitagel. This, at least, placated the fathers enough to prevent a fist-fight.
After the wedding, which was almost immediately after graduation, it took three weeks to move in. By then, Julie now had a noticeable bump, even when wearing loose clothing. She had taken to walking around their home naked, something Mason enjoyed greatly. He wore very little anyway, and it only took a little prodding from Julie for him to lose that. He had lost weight, and built up more muscle. She supposed that was from the exercise equipment his butler had gotten him for his birthday. Even through his thick fur, she could see his new toning. And she could feel it when she laid her head on his chest.
Julie had changed significantly herself. Aside from her growing belly, she realized her breasts had grown. Where she had been a fairly abnormal 38 DD, she had become an F cup while still in school, which was the only way Darla had noticed in the first place. She had nearly exploded with giggly joy when she found out. She also realized she had four extra nipples, normally hidden beneath fur and some skin. She had never noticed it before her pregnancy, and suspected her mother might have taken them away originally. She would have to ask her about it. Despite not knowing about them, she was pleased to see they quickly grew to match her large bust-line, though none got that big. They tapered down her front, stopping just above her growing belly. Each pair was a cup and a half smaller than the pair above, the smallest being a DD cup.
Julie also noticed her body changing slightly in other ways, like her hips widened, preparing for the extra load. Her hooves had also become wider, and a little shorter. Mason's mother, more than helpful, had said they would change back as soon as she stopped walking around. In the mean time, she had removed her shoes and kept to the house until something better could be found. Her ass had also gotten bigger, trying in vain to keep her figure a perfectly matched set. And Julie was finding she preferred the bed more than standing.
Mason had just found work as a stone-worker that day, which Julie had laughed at for almost an hour.
"Trust me, I don't really like the coincidence here," he said when she and her milk-filled breasts had calmed down.
"My mother used to say that there were no coincidences," Julie had said between giggles. "That's why I laughed."
Mason looked at his wife quizzically, "You think your mother had something to do with this?"
"If she is meddling in my life as much as she used to, yeah."
"Hmm. Well, thank her for me next time you see her," he sat down in a red overstuffed, high-backed chair in their front room, "The pay is better than anything else I've found."
"I will," Julie said, knowing her mother could hear them anyway.
As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Julie tried getting up from her own over-stuffed, high-backed chair, but only fell back, gesturing helplessly at her husband. He chuckled slightly, and rose to get the door.
"Hi, Mason," Julie's mother's voice floated into the stone-floored sitting room.
"Mrs. Nonatagel."
"I keep telling you: we're family now. You can call me Kathy," Julie's mother said as she walked, hips swaying proudly. Julie realized it was exactly as her own walk had been before her transformation. The older woman walked over to her daughter, "You know, sitting in that chair-" she gestured to a one-ended sofa, the same over-stuffed style as the chairs, "will be much more comfortable, and easier to get out of."
Kathy reached a hand down to Julie, helping the younger woman out of her current chair. She helped Julie lower herself into the other seat, which was much more comfortable. Julie absently rubbed her belly as she thanked her mother. Kathy walked back to Julie's old seat and took it herself while Mason pulled Julie's sofa closer to his chair.
"Well," Kathy started cheerfully, "I have a few announcements. But first, yes, Mason, I did help with your job search, so you're welcome," the older woman gestured above an end-table set beside chair. The young couple's tea set, currently still in a box, appeared on the table, the pot steaming with hot tea.
"I hope you don't mind my shortcuts?" Kathy asked, meaning it more for Mason than Julie, who had lived with it all her life.
"Just clean up after yourself," Mason joked. Julie knew he did want it cleaned by the end of the night, even if he had to do it himself. She made a mental note not to let him try. The last metal platter he had cleaned came out with several new scratches, which would have been fine if it had not also been bent in three different directions.
Kathy chuckled, "Of course," she poured three cups of tea, which when filled appeared on the appropriate end-table.
"Now my news," she said, taking a sip of tea, "I'm also pregnant. Again."
Julie's eyes widened, her ears twitching forward, "Really?"
"Yes, dear."
"I thought you ran out of Js," Mason said, seriously.
"Oh, I still have a few."
"How far along are you?" Julie asked, feeling her own four-and-a-half month belly.
"Just a few weeks."
Mason drank from his tea, then winced, "Whoo."
Kathy looked at her son-in-law, "Do you like my homemade mead, dear?"
Mason coughed, saying, "I just wished you'd mentioned it before I took such a large gulp. *cough*"
Julie eyed her own cup warily, unsure whether she should take a sip or not, when that same voice in her head said Just do it. She did, finding the mead replaced by saccharine honey. Her eyes closed as the warm liquid slid down her throat, warming her bare form from within.
"So, you said there was more?" Julie asked her mother, now glad she and Mason had actually read their Writing Book.
"Yes," the older woman set her cup and saucer back on the tea set. She folded her hands across her lap, her jet-black fingers contrasting nicely with her bright white shirt, and brown pants.
Uh-oh, Julie thought, the trusted voice in her head suddenly silenced.
"Your sisters have always looked up to you," Kathy said, "I was, and still am, very happy for you and Mason. But, your younger siblings, especially Jenny, are thinking about following your lead. Jenny has gotten herself into a sexual relationship with, of all things, a rabbit. And we both know about them."
Julie thought back, not pausing over her mother's apparent bigotry. She was actually speaking about Darla. About four days after graduation, Darla had been chased by one of the schools few wolves. Darla had been running for her life, not realizing the wolf was after something far more sinister. He had caught her not far from Julie and Mason's home, just outside the entrance to the tunnels. The wolf had dragged her inside and raped her.
Rabbits had been known as fast procreators. They could easily overtake a town with their children within a year. Lapine women, they were told, had the unique ability to be impregnated every time they had sex, no matter who they had sex with. They could even get pregnant when they were already pregnant. Most lapines were smart about it, practicing abstinence during their six-month gestation. Darla, unfortunately, was not quite bright, or lucky, enough to be able to do so. Even forced, she had found her first taste of sex irresistible.
She had returned to the cave the next week, waiting for the wolf to return. He did, with friends. Darla had returned the following week, as had the wolf, this time bringing new friends of varying species. At current count, Darla was carrying thirty young of many different fathers. It had been Julie who had convinced the girl to at least go to the hospital. Surprisingly, the wolf had visited, bringing flowers, chocolates and offering to pay for at least some of her medical bills. While they were not a couple, they had struck a strong bond in friendship. With more than five months still to go on the first litter, Darla was in for a long, hard ride.
"What can I do?" Julie asked, honestly unsure.
"Talk to Jenny, show her just how things are in your life," Kathy said.
"You think things aren't great?"
"I have no doubt they are wonderful. But you were old enough to make that decision, and were out of school before things got out of hand. And if you convince Jenny, the rest will follow."
Julie looked at her mother. The older fox's face was etched with concern. Her eternal youth did nothing to hide the massively-premature age lines, brought on by her children and lecherous husband. Most of that was her own fault, though, Julie remembered.
Julie smiled gently, "I'll talk to her."
"Thank you, dear," her mother said, relieved.
"But I'm going to need some help with clothes."


Well, there's the second chapter. I realize now this might not quite fit under "Story," but perhaps somewhere a little larger.
Chapter 3 I will post after a little editing.

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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

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Chapter 3: (Shorter, but filled with something a little more than you're probably expecting.)


Help was exactly what she received. A clothing line designer had called the next morning. It seems Julie's student designs had been "sent" to them. They wanted to buy the designs, and turn them into the "latest fashion". Upon further questioning, Julie had learned the design company dealt, mostly, in maternity clothes. In fact, the CEO was a woman, a cow anthro who enjoyed pregnancy so much, she had an in vitro doctor on call for when her current children were born. In effect the woman was never not pregnant. Luckily, she was also a cow whose udders produced an abnormally large amount of milk. And she still had eight breasts to pump, in line like Julie's six. Ad she did pump them, apparently.
When Julie protested that her designs had been for slimmer women, the caller had transferred her to the CEO, also their lead designer. The cow sounded quite giddy, her soft moos turning to laughs after every statement.
"Yes, I remember those designs, my dear. *moo-ha-ha*," she said, "I made a few modifications, and found them perfectly fashionable. *moo-he-he* Though made for those unblessed, they look so much better on our large forms. *moo-hee-hee*"
"Well, if you say so."
"Oh, but I do say so, my dear! *moo-haw-haw-haw* In fact, I think they are so wonderful, I've had several runs made of each design, just waiting on your say-so!"
"H-how much would you-"
"Let me say this, my dear: You will make more off of these than most stonemasons make in a year."
The obvious reference told Julie that the woman knew more than she was letting on.
"I don't know," Julie said, biting the side of her lip to constrain her excitement.
"Take two days to think about it, a set of each outfit has been sent to you, you should be getting them today-*moo-ah-ha-ha!*"
The heifer said farewell, then hung up. Sure enough, when the mail came that afternoon, full sets of her fashions came in. She tried the first one on, and found it fit her figure perfectly, accentuating her breasts, belly and hips. She had meant the original design to accentuate the ass, but she was glad this had not transferred, as the pants made her butt look much bigger than it was. She noticed there were small straps on the sides of the shirt and pants, expandable sections for later months.
Along with her new clothes, a small box had been included. There was a note on top:

By the way, my dear, your mother tells me you're having problems with your hooves. Try these, I'm sure they'll do just fine, moo-hee-hee.

Inside the box were boots built specifically for hooves. The soles were malleable, with small protrusions where nails would have gone on shoes. After her well-fitting clothes, she thought they would have been perfect as well. While they were easy to get on and lace, the boot was loose, and took some working to get right. But right she did get them. Julie determined to go see her sister, a few short blocks up the road.
Julie's old house was a flurry of motion. Rooms were being re-assigned, to make room for the new baby. Jenny had already claimed Julie's old room before she left, and that's where she found her younger sister.
The younger fox-girl was staring at a picture of a lapine male Julie was sure had been in her class. Jenny did not even notice Julie come in the door until the sharp report of its closing. The younger girl quickly glanced upward, her shock turning to joy as she recognized her sister.
"Hey! Hi!" she said, loudly, as she got up and hugged Julie.
"Hi there, sis," Julie responded, a hand once again going to her belly. Jenny led her to an office chair in the room, "So mom tells me you've got a boyfriend."
Jenny stopped, her joyful face now filled with fear.
"She knows?"
"She always know," Julie said, smirking at her sister.
Jenny sat down on the bed, brushing the picture away from her with one arm. She settled down, calming her over-springy bed. Her hand slipped under the picture as her other hand went to her flat stomach. She picked up the picture, staring wistfully at it.
"Can I tell you something, without you telling mom?"
"She'll probably hear us anyway, but sure."
Jenny paused, biting her tongue in concentration. Julie placed a hand on her sister's back, comforting her.
"When I first heard you were pregnant, I was as happy for you as all of us were. Then you moved away, and I felt. . .somehow empty. I kept searching for something to fill this void, when I realized. . . "
"Realized what?"
"That I wanted to be pregnant."
Lucy thought for a moment. She had thought she meant she wanted to have a child. But the voice in her head said to press the subject.
"You mean, you wanted a child?"
"No, although that sounds just as pleasurable," Jenny shuddered, "I mean, I want to get pregnant, like you are right now."
"So you got a rabbit to try and get there."
"Mm-hmm," Jenny nodded.
Julie smiled and pulled her sister close into a hug.
"Sis. I understand your lust. But you need to wait, just a bit longer."
Jenny pushed into her sister's cushiony breasts, "But I want it now."
Julie thought for a second before there was a light knock on the door. Jenny pulled out of Julie's hug to walk to the door. She silently slid a locking chain across the opening before cracking the door open. Though Julie could not see out, she could hear the near-silent conversation. It was between Jenny and James, just telling her about dinner, which would be ready in an hour.
"And mom says Julie's welcome to stay, so long as she calls Mason," James said, his tail-braids slapping the door as he turned away. Julie knew his twin sister would not be far away, either.
Jenny closed the door and sat back down on the bed. She had purposefully left the door chained, in case one of their less considerate siblings decided to barge in. Julie regarded her sister for a moment, the girl's hand on her own stomach as Julie's hand traced small circles on her own. It occurred to her that might be agitating the problem and forced herself to stop.
"I even tried the internet for ideas, but nothing turned up."
Julie looked at her sister, her ears once again twitching along with the light bulb in her head.
"Apparently you didn't search the right places."
Jenny turned, brow furrowed. Julie smiled and turned the chair around to the computer behind her. Typing a few memorized keys, the computer spun to life. Two mouse-clicks later and her old homepage was loading up, the family's high-speed connection slowed with heavy usage. Julie was surprised her password had still worked, but her mother did always know. She typed in an address she had found, mostly by accident, which showed several interesting positions with fairly odd but common object placed between one partner and the other. She had been planning on using one with Mason, but had thought better of it- he already took up most of the space by himself.
She scrolled down to a section of the site called "faux-bellies." She copied the link and sent it to her sister in an email.
"This site should help you find something to 'tide you over.'"
Jenny stood behind her sister, one hand leaning on the back of the chair, her other still gripping her flat stomach wantingly. She looked at the list, before Julie saw her eyes lock in place. Jenny reached her leaning hand to the screen, pointing. Julie clicked the link. A video popped up, showing a woman and her lover sitting on a water mattress. The woman was a fairly attractive bat, probably a decade older than Julie. The man was also a bat, whose penis was clearly shown, and much larger than a bat's should have been. He was holding a water hose, she a balloon. Julie pressed 'play,' and let the video roll.
The woman rolled on to her back, her legs going skyward and gripping on to one of two bars, typical for bats' beds. Her legs were spread. She put her arms down her body, placing the balloon over her exposed vulva. The bat-man walked over, rubbing his erect penis on the woman's ass. He placed the hose in the balloon, and reached off-camera. The hose became stiff, and the woman jumped. The camera held there for some time before the man reached back off-screen and turned the water off. He removed the hose, and the woman squirmed, sloshing some of the water out, while also settling the ballon deeper in her womb. The man brought a cage from off-screen, in which were held several eels. The struggling snake-fish jarred their cage as they attempted escape. The man took one eel in his hand and forcefully drug it out. He set the tank down, using both hands to lead the eel into the balloon. The woman squirmed as the fish began wiggling inside her.
The man did the same thing with the second eel, the woman moving even more. The man placed the tank off camera and brought the hose back. The camera moved, indicating a third person. The camera came to rest to the woman's side, so they could see her belly. The man shoved the hose back in the balloon, and reached to the now-visible spigot, starting the flow of water again. The woman moaned loudly as her belly began swelling. She placed her hand on her growing bulge, Jenny and Julie's hands reflexively going to their own. The woman started panting as the man turned up the water flow. The woman's face clearly showed her pleasure. The ballon pressed out on her stomach in small areas as the eels inside started moving again.
"Oh- OOOOOOOOOOH!" the bat-woman screamed, causing Julie to turn the sound down. And still the water flowed. The woman started to look pregnant and due, but kept saying, "More- uhhn, MORE!"
And the man let it flow. The woman got larger, looking overdue. Then she swatted at the man, her voice now lost. He stopped the water flow and set the hose to one side. He pulled another tank of eels into the screen, and proceeded to shove them into the woman's balloon. When the three snakes had been trapped inside, the man sealed the balloon and shoved it deeper inside the woman's vagina. The video changed, showing a solid color with lettering on top:

Done using Jellytime Sexy Balloons and live eels.

The text was followed by another URL, on the site, which froze as the video stopped.
Jenny reached down as Julie leaned back in the chair. The younger foxgirl rubbed her sister's belly, saying, "Thanks sis."


With that emergency over, Julie returned home. Two days later and she had responded to Sarah's deal. She had, of course, said yes, and been offered a job, which she initially declined. Sarah had been insistent, however, and Julie had finally succumbed. Once a season was all she needed to work, but she would have to go though certain censors before production. Julie began working immediately.
She had used Sarah's modifications, because, she found out, all of the clothing produced by her company, called Bovidyne Maternal Wear and Fashion, had the same alterations. Julie had to admit, however, that these changes had made her own clothes quite a bit more comfortable than leading other brands of clothing.
Bovidyne also produced her shoes, which came in boots, sandals, and plain, metal horseshoes. Julie had bought several pair. The company also produced certain other products, which would easily suit Jenny's fetish. Lycra suits with replaceable balloons kind of stuff. Julie had bought a few, each in the size of her sisters, in case it became a problem. She also, surprising herself, bought one for herself. Now, obviously this takes more time than two days. And so it did.
In fact, two months passed before anything new happened. At almost seven months along, even her adjustable clothes were getting tight. During the two months, Julie had gone to see the doctor, as any good expectant mother should. Her Ob/Gyn, an old wolf mother, had finally convinced her to look at her own ultrasound. When she did, her jaw nearly fell off.
Julie had been expecting a single child, thinking she could not handle any more. But, luckily or unluckily, up on the monochrome screen were two beating hearts inside two healthy fetuses. Her children.
Now, while twins are not rare, especially in canine families, first pregnancies almost never had them, save for Lapines. Thus when she showed the sonogram to Mason, his mouth had hung open even lower. Then, looking from the picture to Julie and back, suddenly flung his arms around her and kissed her neck. His kisses turned slowly to licks as he gently pushed her back onto the bed.
That night had been incredible. It was also the night Mason told her about his own fetish. He had a thing for pregnant girls, he told her. From the moment she had told him she was pregnant, his lust had grown, but was afraid to say anything. In response, she took his hand and placed it at the base of her tails, which had become mostly unbraided during their session. His fingers laced between both tails' hairs, finishing the job, and once again arousing Julie. She pulled his other hand over her growing belly, and he, obligingly, rubbed it. They fell asleep that night, arms locked, Julie lying half on top of Mason.
Later in the same month, Julie had gone, finally, to see Darla. The lapine was restricted to bed-rest. Her belly, though only two months along, was large. She looked like she was due with large twin boys. They had talked awhile, each feeling each other's belly, feeling the other's children's kicks. And Darla's children were definitely kicking. Julie supposed it came from being a rabbit girl, their children developing much faster, their quickening happening much sooner.
While she was there, Darla's "friend" came by, bringing Darla's favorite brand of chocolate, and paying off a bit more of her medical bills, which, Julie came to realize, were also his medical bills. the latter having gotten the former pregnant in the first place.
He had spoken with Julie, introducing himself. He said his name was Damian, and he was more susceptible to pheromones than most wolves. Thinking back, Julie realized that Darla had been in rut during that time. It was no wonder she had found it so satisfying. Damian was otherwise nice, and admitted, quietly, that he did find Darla attractive when she was smaller.
"But," he said, "I'm not really looking to start a family just yet."
Beyond these small things, not a whole lot else happened during those two months, except Julie finding her bed much more pleasing than it had before.


Julie woke up the day after, her head laying on Mason's shoulder, her back across his chest. He had fallen asleep with one hand on her belly, the other around her lower left nipple. Her arms, even now, were holding his arms in place. She smiled, loving the fact that they could fall asleep like this even without sex the night before. Her tails twitched and Julie frowned. She turned her head in their direction, then smiled again. They had fallen asleep, tails intertwined. She knew Mason would have to be awake before she could extricate herself.
Better make sure we don't do that in two and a half months.
Mason eventually woke up, and he gently untangled their tail-hairs. He helped her out of bed and to the bath, now filling with hot water. His muscular arms lifted her gracefully from her hooves, and set her down just as gently into the soothing water. As he began to walk away, she put one arm on his, dragging him back down to a squatting position beside the overlarge tub. He pulled his arm into the water, resting back on her taught, white-furred belly. She removed her hand from his arm, and still he kept his strong hand on her belly. Their fur moved in the water, each hair tickling her skin. He used his other hand to drip water down the parts of her exposed above the water.
With his help, she lathered her entire body, using both soap and shampoo. While rinsing the second time, Mason drew back. Julie watched his back as he walked out of the bathroom. She pulled herself out of the water, trying to see out of a door turned the wrong way. She thought briefly about leaving the bath just before Mason returned, holding a new bottle. It was almost completely black, with silver writing.
For the woman who's hair can't possibly get better, it's. . .
Dominé Conditioner.
Julie regarded her husband with cocked eyebrows.
"I thought you might like a bit of shine back in your beautiful fur," he said, not without placation. Julie put her brows down, chuckling beneath her breath. Despite being the big, strong wolfdale she wanted him to be, he was still just as playful and flawed as she hoped she was.
"Okay, then, conditioner-boy," Julie said, turning her back to him, "Lather me up!"
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby OmVest » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:06 am

Here's the next, and last, chapter. There will be one point when the wording will get a little awkward. It won't be out out of order, just one term will seem a little out of place. I won't say where, because if you don't notice, then you're following enough. If you do, well, I have no explanation. It is just there.

Chapter 4:

To be sure, not much really happens during the last two months. This brings the timeline to just under two weeks to go. By this time, her two cubs were kicking so often, they sometimes looked like ripples emanating from within Julie's belly. But, far from painful, Julie had begun to think them little messages from her unborn cubs.
For the most part, Julie was confined to her bed. She still made it a point to take a nice, long bath each day. Most days Mason would return to find her just soaking, at which point he would a) shake his head and help her back to bed, b) look distraught, as though he had forgotten she would go there, or c) walk straight back to the bathroom and sit, back against the wall, across from her. She liked these third instances much better, because he would usually be calm and gentle, and occasionally help her wash again.
She did not know how other couples worked, but she wondered how many husbands joined their wives in something as simple as a bath. She would have to ask her mother. She then realized her mother's gaze had been lessening over the last few months. Pretty much since her announcement, she had been keeping less and less tabs on Julie's and Mason.
Julie sat in her tub, about two weeks prior to her due date, and decided how and where she wanted to give birth to her cubs. The tub her mother had given her was just perfect for two people, her and her selected midwife, to fit in with room to spare. Room that would be used to bare her cubs, Julie thought with a smile, Mason watching from across the room. He had a look that showed his fatigue, the stoneworkers having completely drained him. Julie thought only one negative thing about the bath.
Why did she have to have it set into the ground, exactly?
It occurred to her that Julie had never asked what Mason did at the stoneworkers. She had assumed he used his hands but was never quite sure how. But tonight, tonight was a night for the two of them to just sit. They sat there, completely enraptured by each other's presence. She would ask him in the morning.
After a long silence, Mason's ears twitched. His eyes gained that familiar sheen, the worn smile turning both playful and dark. Julie looked at him, mouth agape in disbelief. He shrugged. She lifted a hand, gesturing to him.
He stood, taking her hand and gently raising her from the water. He set her on the marble floor, supporting her at her lower back. He led her back to the king-sized bed, which she sat down on the edge of. Removing his shirt was easy: he had worn a vest again. His pants, however, would take a little working. He let her work, not out of spite, but because Julie would not let him help even if he tried. It took all of her fingers and teeth to finally undo the catch, after which Mason's pants slowly slid down his soft, dark grey fur. His partially-braided tail flicked in anticipation.
Julie worked her hands into his boxers, nearly ripping them off of him as she turned, arms together, so her rear end faced him. Standing on her hands and knees like this would probably turn out to be very bad tomorrow morning, but she felt she deserved it.
Mason slapped his hand on her ass, holding it in place until it stopped giggling. He then ran his hand across her hips and the small of her back, reaching her tails. They had gotten good enough at this part that when Mason's fingertips brushed Julie's tail-hair braid, It felt like fireworks sent speeding through her veins. She moaned as her exposed sex became wet. He parted her tails, letting them drape behind him, while walking slowly forward. His erect cock tickled her pussy before he sent it in. Though he did not slam it all the way back, Julie felt him rub against her cervix. He pulled back, then dove forward once more. She moaned as his equine phallus pressed against her walls.
As his thrusts quickened, Mason bent over, running his hands from the base of her tails, up her sides, and then down her hanging belly. One of her hands caught his near the bottom, moving it seemingly randomly. Julie gasped, and her back arched toward he bed, her belly touching. Mason licked the back of her neck, her hair fallen and blocking her face from his. The cubs kicked, right on cue, just under their hands. The wolfdale slowed for a second before taking up the pace with renewed vigor.
Julie could feel Mason's breath on the back of her neck as he neared climax. His pace quickening again, she moaned. She pulled his hand to her breast, letting him milk her lower ones while she took her uppers. The feeling of milk squirting out of her was enough to send Julie to the edge of the cliff. A few short breaths later, and she felt Mason tense up inside her. The rest, as they say, is Disturbing the Peace.


Julie awoke the next morning to Mason's gentle licks and kisses. She looked at him, wondering what could possibly drive him out of bed, without waking her, so early in the morning. Her hands once again searched her eight-and-a-half month pregnant-with-twins belly. Mason placed a loving hand on hers, stopping it just short of her belly button.
He looked her in the eyes, care, love and veiled guilt swirling in their depths. He drew her up to a sitting position, and pulled a small service that had arrived two days ago. On top were three plastic-covered plated.
"Breakfast, my love," he said, answering her unasked question. He reached down and uncovered the first plate, "Eggs," the second plate, "Fresh fruit," and finally the third, which she knew must contain her favorite food of all time, and did, "And of course, Bacon."
Julie, not to be ungrateful, tried to eat so she savored every bite. Eventually, hunger got the best of her, though, and she devolved to shoveling food, mainly bacon, into her mouth in large quantities. To be sure, there was not one scrap of food left on the service when she was done. And Mason just sat, having pulled up a bedside chair, smiling. Julie knew he was trying not to laugh, which made her feel much better about the whole thing.
Julie sat back, patting the top of her belly, where several sharp kicks then shot up. Mason removed the service, taking it back to what must be an utterly destroyed kitchen. But that was one mess Mason would have to clean himself. He apparently decided not to do it now, however, and returned to her side.
"Taking a day off?" she asked.
"No, one got given to me," he said, making Julie look at him in concern, "Apparently the stonemasons have a 'use it or else' policy about vacation. Especially for someone in my position."
Julie remembered her thought in the tub the night before, "You know, I never thought to ask, but. . . what exactly do you do at work?"
He looked at her, the love sully in his eyes now replaced with irk. It seems he wanted never to answer that question. He closed his eyes in resignation.
"I. . . am a beast of burden."
It was exactly the second time in her life that Julie heard what the person said, but was completely confused about what they meant. She looked, her ears askew, directly into Mason's closed eyes.
He opened his eyes, shame visible in every layer, "They use people like us- hybrids with equine legs- to move half-ton blocks from the quarry. The people there. . . they hate mixed DNA. *sigh* "
Julie did not know what he expected her to do or say. She did, however, swing her legs off the edge of the bed, letting his head rest on her chest for once. Though she could not see it, she knew his face had turned to a smile.


Later that day, while Mason was busy cleaning up his mess, Julie's mother came by. The woman was now four months pregnant herself, and seemed to revel in showing her growing midriff. What she wore could not easily be described as a shirt, nor could the small sheer cloth wrapped tenuously around her waist really be called a skirt. They were, as Julie would later describe in her piece to Sarah, "Gypsy Windbreakers." Both parts were nearly see-through, colored pastel, and held on by exactly one clip each, one behind her neck, the other above one hip.
"Hello, Mason," she said, returning his greeting, "I see you've made quite a mess in your kitchen. I hope she didn't just wolf it down. No offense."
"Well, you know your daughter. When she eats, she eats."
"Hmm. And her passengers can't be making it easy for either of you," Kathy said, striding gracefully into Julie's bedroom. The older woman hugged her daughter lightly, and kissed her on each cheek. Mason just shrugged and walked back to his cleaning.
"So, dear, how's life in the design world?"
"Better now that I've found one I like," Julie said, stretching herself to her fullest length, showing every inch of bare skin she could.
"Well, at least we know the reversal spell worked," Julie's mother said, looking at her daughter's four smaller breasts.
"You knew?"
"I thought, dear. As much as you girls, and your father, like to think, I am not omniscient. I can just see a great distance."
"Speaking of which. . . ?"
"Yes, I did stop watching you and the 'great alpha-stallion,'" she replied with a smirk. She looked at her daughter incredulously, "You know, more recent studies show that sex during pregnancy can negatively affect the child or children."
"I read that report too, and it was anal sex can caused problems. We circumvent that," she said, knowing she was speaking nonsense, but trying to outdo her mother nonetheless.
There was a moment of silence between the women. It was as pregnant as they were.
Julie spoke first, "So, how's Jenny doing?"
"Better. She stopped seeing that lapine. But I notice she spends a lot of time in her room, and the bathroom. Not getting sick, mind you, but something else much more. . . interesting."
"You said to talk to her. You never said where to take that conversation."
Kathy laughed, amused, "You're right. And it gave your father and me something new to try out as soon as this little one it born," she said, running a hand through her bare belly fur.
From the front of the house came a loud, yet muffled crash, followed by Mason's strained voice, "I'm *cough* okay!"
"I think I'd better make your dinner," Kathy said, turning from her daughter toward the open doorway. Julie just smiled.
It's gonna be one of those nights, she thought sourly.


It had been exactly one of those night. The entire family, including Mason's, had dropped by, in groups of three, having smaller portions of food while Julie's mother had kept on cooking. The constant flow of people had just about completely worn away Julie's nerves.

Thankfully, just after dark Mason shuffled everyone out of the bedroom, saying to Julie, "Good night." He was just about to shut the door when she called out.
"What?" he asked.
"Come back quickly."
He smiled. Julie knew he liked the look on her face. She probably would have too, if she had been in his place. The fact was that Julie had had a long day, dealing with both her own family and her in-laws. And she had missed her daily bathing. The stress in her bones was about to drive her mad. She wanted two things right now: a long, hot bath, and Mason.
He returned after a few minutes. He closed and locked the door behind him, signaling that Kathy was still here. He walked quietly over to the bed, removing his favorite black vest along the way. He undid his pants, but left them on. He kneeled down and picked Julie up. He carried her through the door to the bathroom. He left the lights off, but Julie knew he would not need them. As gently as he picked her up, he set her down in her very large bathtub. The water, oddly, was already poured, and was just the perfect temperature. Julie thought Mason had done it but could not figure out when. She would ask later if she remembered.
She reached a hand out of the water and pulled his pants, boxers and all, off of him. She was pretty sure she ripped them, but she could fix it and at this point cared not. He climbed in to the tub with her, his warm body touching hers at all times while in the water. She felt his muzzle on her belly, his cold nose just the perfect touch. His hands quickly found her breasts. He began kneading them, slowly, letting the milk within them move around. Julie moaned in pleasure, grateful for this act more than if he had just started. And she knew he would have preferred to, and she had wanted him to at first. She suspected he might have a similar small voice in his head, but she would never press that subject.
Julie felt Mason's tongue on her belly fur. He ran his tongue upwards, over each breast in turn and licking the nipple on each. It tickled Julie, though she knew not why. His tongue kept winding up, first on her neck then her own shorter muzzle. Then he found his target, and ti helped his lips lock with hers in a passionate kiss. Milk leaked from Julie's breasts as Mason's now-erect very equine cock found its way to her waiting just-as-equine pussy. He slid in, at first testing her fortitude. Then he began to pump back and forth. He was still being gentle, and the way he kissed her told Julie he meant to stay that way. She let him work, giving in to his whims once again.
He twisted in her vagina, and Julie felt an orgasm burrowing up form within. She pressed her hips in, their sign. He twisted again, and she gasped. His hands switched breasts, kneading two new ones. Julie's own hands found her lover's cock, wrapping around him. He twisted again, and Julie felt her own natural lubricant flood the pure clean water of the bath. She moved her hands, bringing Mason closer the closer he brought her.
One last twist was all it took for both of them. She felt his body tense as hers did the same. Her moans of pleasure were lost to all but the two lovers. As his body stopped cumming, Mason pulled out of his wife, and slowly made his way out of the tub. He started to pull two towels out when Julie placed a hand on his hip. He instead reached for the much larger, single towel. He pulled her from the bath and stood her on her hooves. With their bodies always touching, the two dried off.
As they walked back to the bed, ready for sleep, Mason spoke, "Have I ever told you how much I love how your ass looks when your pregnant?"
Julie smiled and blushed. It was not the first time he had complimented her, even about this, but she always loved it when he stared at her ass. She smacked her own flank, "Yes, but I love hearing it."
"Well," he said, striding up right behind her, "I love how it looks, how it feels. I love how it follows the curve of your legs, then curves outwards just that much more. I love how it comes back in at your hips, and how your tails perfectly curtain it, their red as fiery as our love."
Despite herself, Julie was getting hot again. But she knew she shouldn't and he couldn't for a while anyway. He knelt down in front of her.
"I also love the way your belly looks. I love the smooth feel it has, the almost perfect sphere it makes. And most of all," he stood slowly running his hands over every inch of her distended middle, thoroughly arousing Julie, "I love that our children, our cubs, the products of our undying love, rests within, waiting for life, patiently waiting for us, as we, less patiently, await them." He leaned down and kissed the top of her belly. He used his hands to guide her to the bed, his muzzle still kissing her all over.
Mason's kisses gained direction, spiraling in on her belly, centering on her belly button, then turning southward. His tongue wet her clit, and Julie felt her orgasm returning.


Two weeks later, and Julie sat in her tub. Her midwife had asked a guest room be made so she could always be on call. Julie had been against it at first, but another complimentary litany from Mason had changed her mind. She was a little nervous now. Her mother had decided to let motherhood be a surprise, citing that was how she had learned. She knew next to nothing about what to expect. She had, of course, taken the mandatory sex-ed classes in high school. If you did not take them at Vulpine-Equine-Lapine, you were considered forfeit in all future aspects. Julie had supposed at the time that it was because of the rather massive bunny population of the school. She had more recently realized that foxes can have just as many children in their life time.
But the truth of the matter was she was terrified. Mason stayed with her always, a strong reassurance that no matter what, she was not totally alone in this.
"That's a good thing to remember," her young lapine midwife had said. Though she wondered about using a younger woman as a midwife, she had come to respect her. Her advice was almost sagely.
Right now, the midwife was in her room, apparently making sure all of her stuff was where she needed it should she be called two rooms away at any time. Mason, thankfully, was doing something much more useful. He was sitting, as he had done after hard days at work, on the floor across from Julie, just watching. Occasionally he would speak, asking if she needed anything. He had already brought her food, and there was a small supply of liquid refreshments a few feet away. The silence was far from uncomfortable. In fact, one could say it was a perfectly comfortable silence.
Night fell, and Julie, helped by Mason and the Midwife, laid back in bed. She fell asleep shortly.


Four days later Julie was beginning to feel like an overripe melon. She was getting more and more fearful, and her Ob/Gyn was not helping. She had declared everything fine, saying:
"Sometimes they just hit the snooze button."
But Julie was about ready to turn the alarm up. She liked being pregnant, she realized, but she really wanted to be able to see her hooves again. Mason had helped her fear more than anyone else, placing a reassuring hand on her at just the right moment. He was learning, and Julie was glad. And she would be even more glad when her cubs were born.
Julie was, in fact, having this very thought, when a very odd sensation came over her. It was not painful, but felt as though someone had wrapped a large belt around her middle, and then tightened it a little too much. She winced and placed a hand on her belly, immediately alerting Mason. He stood, looking down at her with anticipation and concern. She then realized it was time to call the midwife, and nodded to him.
It was a good thing, too. When the midwife came in, Julie felt the same odd sensation, this time with accompanying splashing sounds, and the feeling of fluid running down her legs. Water was poured from buckets, kept warm elsewhere. These were, she quickly realized, exactly for her comfort, and exactly for sanitary reasons. The water was just over her bellybutton when the next contraction made Julie wince. It had also sent a small ripple through the water, though Julie would never have seen it.
Over the next half-hour, Juliie's world remained just as calm as this. Then things began in earnest. It was then that Julie felt the pressure of a cub's head on her cervix. She reached a hand down in reflex. The midwife's hand was close by, feeling for the same thing. Mason crouched behind Julie, keeping as much of a kneeling posture as he could. Experience had told Julie that was a hard thing to do with hooves.
She suddenly felt the need to stand, or more accurately squat. Mason gently helped her out, bringing a towel with him as the midwife had previously instructed him to do. That was another reason Julie liked her. She had given instructions first, so they could both be ready when the time came. Like now, as Julie squatted over the towel, feeling gravity help the cub along, she was following advice the midwife had given her:
"Let your body help you. When you feel you need to do something, do it. Your instincts will not lead you astray."
Another contraction squeezed Julie's middle. Julie found herself at odds with this feeling. She had been told that pregnancy was one of the most painful things a woman could go through. So far, though, it had been easy, and her contractions almost pleasurable. She leaned back into Mason, letting him take more of her weight. He gently laid his hands on her shoulders, her hair covering them.
Julie felt the cub's head pass through her cervix, and she felt it time to move. Mason kept one hand on her back at all times, effectively carrying her without actually lifting her. She crawled partway onto the bed, her flank exposed as it had been exposed to Mason many nights of warm memories. Another contraction, and the cub's head was visible to the ousted world. The midwife lightly shoved Mason out of the way, and he moved closer to Julie's side.
The next contraction was sheer pain. Julie felt her entire belly tighten, and she felt the cub's head press on her sex. When it subsided, though, Julie felt as if she had just experienced an orgasm. Mason's touch heat Julie up, and she realized she had. Another contraction, a gentle push as her body commanded, and Julie could feel the cub halfway out. She slowly flipped herself over, her back now on the pillowy mattress. She felt one more contraction, a mixture of pain and enrapturing pleasure. Then came the cry of the first cub.
"A ferocious wolf boy," the midwife said, "with a few other details."
She wrapped the cub in a warm blue blanket and set him beside his mother. Julie could feel the next cub bearing down on her cervix, but she wanted, no needed, to look upon him. As the midwife had said, it was a boy wolf cub. But he, like his father, was all clydesdale from the waist down, but the fur there was bay-colored, unlike Mason's.
The next contraction came and Julie felt her fluid running down her legs. The second cub was coming. Julie pushed herself on to the bed further. She had ignored her instincts on this one, but the cub was pressing her cervix open, which felt heavenly. She reveled in it a moment, and she noticed Mason's bulge grow while she did. With a small push from her hips, she sent the child further down the line, a contraction building. It flared, and Julie screamed, agony and rapture fighting over her. The cub clid further out. Then again as another contraction squeezed her almost violently, leading to a much larger orgasm. Julie felt the child slide out into the midwife's waiting hands.
"A beautiful red kit," she said, wrapping the kit in a pink blanket, "I think she's going to have his hair though."
Julie took her kit, holding both her and the cub to her chest. Mason lay beside her now, admiring his work as much as hers. The kit also had the new family-trait horse legs, though hers were dark, like her father's. Everything else on the newborn matched Julie, she thought. Julie twisted, as did Mason, so her head rested on his shoulder, his powerful, guarding arms now encompassing their beautiful new family.


Now, I would still like some feedback. It's long, I know. And there is probably a good amount of material to review on. So have at it.

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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby Pho3nixx » Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:29 pm

I liked it. The plot was well developed; same for the characters. I just feel like the ending was the slightest bit there could have been a minute amount of detail added in that would have made it perfect.

Regardless, nice job on the piece...and are we gonna be seeing an official title soon? =) 9.6/10
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby OmVest » Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:51 am

Hmm,, well, as for a title, when I say I codenamed it, it means I've just about given up on actually giving it a real title. I'll take suggestions if anyone has any.

And, I seem to have that problem with endings. I can never tell a)when to end these things, and b)really how to end them. This story had an easy one for (a), but not really for (b), because I was thinking of a great many endings. Thus, the problem.

And, eww. I just realized I have some (more) numerical discrepancies. *Scurries off to fix*
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby Pho3nixx » Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:24 pm

One more cool little detail I noticed...nice job on the SOS morse code for the page breaks lol.

Don't worry about the ending issue...I have the same problem, but the opposite reason; I usually make my stories too long. lol.
Baby, take your time. Stop and see for once in your life, the things you're missing out on.
Like me, like me and the sunshine. The story's almost over, we're running out of time.
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby Raydis » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:30 pm

A very well made story though now you have me wondering what became of Darla and her whole situation
Wait, that wasn't suposed to hap-*giant explosion*
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby OmVest » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:39 pm

Raydis wrote: [. . . ] though now you have me wondering what became of Darla and her whole situation

There's a separate story for that. I may post it soon, depending on the amount of call for it.
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby Raydis » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:37 pm

(sorry for the late response)

I'd be intresting in reading it and I'm sure most of the people here would as well
Wait, that wasn't suposed to hap-*giant explosion*
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Re: My first story I codenamed "Julie"

Postby brndette21 » Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:57 pm

I agree that it was a very nice story about Julie with the pregnant women. I have never been pregnant but all mothers will confirm that giving birth is both painful but rewarding. Don't forget to mention proper way to take care of pregnant women to make your story more informative.
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