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Memories of the Past

From: Greg J S (Thu Jan 10 18:40:18 2008)
Being a D&D nerd I have seen this kind of thing before, it always works out in the end...
From: shadowedfreak (Wed Jan 28 08:36:04 2009)
Somebody please stop this guy!
From: mimithesinister (Mon Feb 23 06:16:08 2009)
You know, why don't you make a fanfic about how Talena and her siblings were used for breeding purposes and then Super Grover and the world's future defenders (U.Z.Z) stopped Talon and his army of Demons. I'd appericiate it if you do that.
From: Qwe (Wed Oct 1 17:07:36 2014)
I need to get a hold of Tal, find out his location, find my mega cannon, and blast him to bits but before that (the blasting part) I'll use this punchline 'Hello Talon! Tonight's forecast is cloudy, with a chance of CANNON BALLS!
From: Ccb-18 (Thu Oct 2 08:12:21 2014)
All I can say is that's terrible! This guy needs to be incarcerated!

From: guest (Sat May 26 12:06:20 2012)
I know that Christmas has past a LONG time ago. But this pic is just too sweet!
From: Qwe (Wed Oct 1 18:48:33 2014)
Ok I know i'm a few months early (wow that sounds like a pregnancy thing and i didn't even intend that) buuuuuuuut..... HO HO HO! Merry X-mas!

From: Qwe (Wed Oct 1 18:42:22 2014)
Awwwww! So adorable!!! I bet if you look up adorable in a dictionary this picture will be in it!
DarrenTsu 08

From: Guest (Sat Dec 17 01:40:26 2011)
From: Qwe (Wed Oct 1 18:38:44 2014)
I second that 'Awww!'
A quick tutorial on the anatomy of pregnancy using Vixen as the example.

From: hermione (Thu Dec 7 01:17:23 2006)
thank you for that art info
From: (Fri Jun 1 11:22:21 2007)
that looks hard for me that is
From: Qwe (Wed Oct 1 14:54:32 2014)
Well this will be helpful when I start drawing anthros. And I SUCK at drawing anthros.

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