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There have been a few problems that I'd like to address here, seeing as people don't seem to pay attention to my actions or other rules I post on the forums. I really want to keep this place running smoothly, so I wish everyone would follow these rules, or else I will have to take actions to remove people causing problems.

Posting Comments: I, along with all other artists here love to get comments. Please feel free to encourage us by posting what you think about the artwork. However, do try to keep things clean, and encouraging. If you don't like something, tell them the good things and how they could possibly improve it. Or if you really can't be nice, just don't say a word!

Another important thing, is that this is a place to post comments, not requests! If you want to request something, even from a particular artist, please do so on the forum. Requests, especially ones having to do with artwork not allowed on the site, will be erased either by myself or by the artists. If your comment is erased, DO NOT repost it. We have our reasons to erase them and do not need to be reminded of it.

Posting Artwork: If you need help using the Gallery system, contact me.

Most any pregnant furry or scaly artwork is allowed. The main restriction is that you please refrain from posting artwork that is utterly out of proportion. If the character is based off a human(anthro), keep the belly size within regular human sizes. Same goes for ferals. Fantasy creatures have their own logical sizes too...

Adult artwork is allowed, but please post it (and preferably mature art also) in a separate folder with a clean preview image.

As with most sites, please refrain from child porn, injury, major bloodshed, etc...

Becoming a Member: Contact Darren.

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