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Pregfur Story Archive

Welcome to the Pregfur Story Archive. Please realize many of these stories contain adult content. Some stories are PDF's. To read these, you need either Adobe Acrobat, or my personal favorite, Foxit Reader.

April Fools! by Rezzit
Will Chemic ever have another Kit after Aurora?
Beginning's by mjsimmons
A conception story, the starting of a new family.
Bioorganic 14-7415 By Yona Tamblin
A young skunkette working on an experiment that goes horribly wrong.
Chaz and Tal Short Story by Talbona Riker
A night in the life of Chaz and Talbona.
Choices by mjsimmons
A Young buck, who gets to have a menage a' tois but gets more than he bargained for.
The Cabin by Rudolph Strang
There's more than meets the eye to a simple "family" getaway in the country. Perhaps it has more to do with "family".
Decisions by mjsimmons
Two close friends who have a night together and now must start to make some difficult decisions about their lives.
Decisions Part II by mjsimmons
Do What Feels Right by Evertide
Two young adults experience the beauty of new life, and then some.
Eggcitations by Evertide
An erotic birth RPed and written by pregnancy/labor/birth/egg lovers for the like.
Eggcitations Part II by Evertide
Part two of the above story...
Eggcitations Part III by Evertide
Part three and perhaps the final part of the story...
Fantasy and Instinct by Evertide
A certain Latias Pokemorph experiences her most powerful fetish.
Fertility Express by Rudolph Strang
A couple not only find a way to have a child, they find a whole new religion, even though they don't have to go to church.
A First Time for Everything by Dash
(No description)
Kelly's Story by mjsimmons
A couple finally gets some time alone...
Labour of Love by mjsimmons
A bit of both, just as the title suggests.
Last Night I Dreamed by mjsimmons
One's dream of cuddling his mate (and a bit beyond!).
The Lioness (HTML | PDF) by crysttail2002
A sequel to 'The serum', just about a lioness this time.
The Litter Within by theopengrave
(No description)
Lunch Break by mjsimmons
A pair of Adult actors, on a shoot and blowing off some steam.
Puppy Love by Evertide
A canine couple brings their family into the world.
Redemption by Mateo Rojo [?]
A vixen kidnapped and forced into a pregnancy having to deal with the happenings of a corrupt business and her own feelings.
The Serum (HTML | PDF) by crysttail2002
A story about a pregnant Cheetah.
Sin City 2000 Type IX by theopengrave
Military story I wrote in a bi-monthly or so funk.
Sottiepheia vs. Chemic by Rune the Wolf (Unfinished)
A quite unfinished story of Chemic quite normal life with Darren... A must read!
The Thief by crysttail2002
Yet another sequel to 'The Serum', but this one is based on a coyote morph.
Unrequited by Michael J. Simmons
A guy helps a girl out, who he has loved ever since highschool, and soon finds out she loves him too...
The Way it is by Gandri & Wolvarr
An interesting short story about a man who is changed into a pregnant dragoness.
Well, Hello Miss Powell by John Thornbush (Unfinished)
This is a short story written about a lesbian who tries to cope with the last week of her pregnancy without her girlfriend, a friend of the male persuation who is trying to convert her back to heterosexuality, a roommate who is not what she appears to be, and a baby that won't wait.

All artwork is posted with prior permission from the artist and creator.

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