This is the result of an RP between me and Rain. It was also the first one of its kind I ever did. Thank you, Rain, for such a good time and for wanting to RP more with me.

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Walking in through the door of the hospital, the human brunette looked around a bit nervously...hospitals like this had always made her leery...something about the smell. That, probably, was why she had chosen to deliver at home. She blinked her green eyes as she glanced around, slowly walking up to the reception desk. She was wearing a long white skirt with a huge green t-shirt that her tummy and chest had swelled up to fill and make tight, just barely covered by a small denim jacket. "Ehm," Mael cleared her throat gently, "I'm supposed to be here to see Kera Hsagra for my last check-up..."

The snake morph at the desk nodded and paged Dr. Hsagra. A minute later, the Latias Pokémorph came out to see her patient/friend. She greeted the human with a warm smile and a shake of the hand, as it had become difficult to hug lately. "Mael, great to see you again!"

Mael beamed, shaking with both hands in an effort to compensate for the hug. "Oh, it's good to see you too, Kera..." she said with a smile, leaning closer and kissing the doctor's cheek quickly. "Feels like the last month has been forever."

Kera gently patted her friend's great tummy. "Well, that's what a lot of moms say, and I find it still rings true. Now how about we go and take a look at you, okay hon?"

"Alrighty, lead the way," Mael said with a smile, rubbing a hand absentmindedly against her swollen tummy. Kera was one of the nicest people she'd ever known, and so genuinely as well...she couldn't help but feel happy around her.

A few minutes later, Mael was wearing a hospital gown and waiting for Kera's instructions. "Okay then, how about you hop on the scale?" Kera asked with a friendly smile.

"Oh boy." Mael said with a small grin, shaking her head. She almost dreaded to see what she'd grown to as she stepped out of her shoes and onto the scale, her round stomach nearly touching the wall a foot behind the scale.

Kera took note of the numbers, having to crane her long neck. "Okay, you're up about three pounds since last time, that's exactly where you should be." She patted Mael on her back. "It's okay, that just means that the eggs are healthy, right?" She smiled.

"I guess so," Mael said with a smile, stepping off of the scale and cautiously lowering herself down to sit on one of the examination tables. "I don't know, though, I've been feeling a little crampish all morning."

Kera washed up and put on gloves. "Have you now? And you're due in...what is it, a few days, I believe. Well, lean on your back and let's get a look, shall we?"

"Yeah, I'm actually due in two days," Mael said, laying back on the examination table and pulling her skirt up around her waist. "But this is probably going to be a bit odd -- non-anthro Pokémon almost never have multiples, really, and after making a deal with Silph, I'm having they will probably be born separately."

Kera carefully pulled Mael's panties to her knees and placed one hand on Mael's abdomen as she gently probed Mael's sex with the other. "Then it's going to be quite an adventure, isn't it?" She felt around for a bit before raising her eyebrows. "Hmm...well, unless the planets are out of alignment, you're definitely going to start laying within the next couple of days. You want to birth at home, right?"

"Definitely..." Mael trailed off, giving a sudden shudder, as if just remembering where she was. "I couldn't stand trying to give birth in here, no offense to you or anything," she said with a shy smile. "That's good, though...I'm excited. And really nervous."

Kera nodded and smiled comfortingly. "No offense taken at all, I've helped in quite a few out-of-hospital births. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable." She continued to inspect Mael as she kept talking. "There's nothing to be afraid of, if worst comes to worst I'll be completely prepared. You just concentrate on the end and let your body work."

"Okay." Mael said with another small smile, blushing a bit at the other's caring and maternal nature. "Hey, Kera..." she said slowly, shifting on the table just a bit, "did you ever consider having any kids of your own?"

Kera withdrew her hands and disposed of her gloves before going to wash her hands. "In this business, I can't help but consider it every single day. While I do love children and helping to bring new life into the world, and although it would be a dream to have a loving mate and a child and a half, I know I'm not ready for it yet." She paused and looked to Mael. "What about you? If I'm being too personal, what do you want to do with those eggs?"

"I don't know..." Mael said with a sigh, using her arms to help her sit back up again. After wriggling her legs a bit, she was able to pull her panties back up and pull her skirt back down. "I mean... it will get expensive to have all those children, and for the sake of the experiment, I'm going to need to go through as many different species as I I'm going to be conceiving and laying and birthing until I'm infertile, nearly." She shrugged, looking over at Kera. "I'll probably have to give them up for adoption at some point, there's just no way I'll be able to keep them all after the original testing is done," she said, casting her gaze at her belly, her face showing her sorrow. "I wish I could, but I can't."

Kera's eyes misted over. She moved to her massive friend's side and held her in a hug as best she could. "Mael, let me tell you something I've learned. You don't need to be a parent to have the heart of one, and it also works the other way around. What's important is that you're on the right side. I'm sure your children will go to very grateful families."

"I hope you're right, Kera," the girl said softly, continuing to look at her abdomen, which blocked her view of her feet.

Kera didn't know what to say, so she just kept hugging her friend. She'd met more than her share of frightened parents who wanted to give up their children for adoption because they knew their children would have a better chance elsewhere, but this was quite different.

Mael gave yet another sigh as she hugged her friend, strange thoughts intruding on the young brunette's mind. Kera smelled so good...and she was so warm and, and... "Oww!" Mael let Kera go suddenly, sitting bolt upright, quite an effort considering her impediment.

Kera snapped to attention. "What's wrong? Is it the eggs?"

Mael hesitated for a moment, a hand going to her distended stomach before she managed to think straight once more. "...I don't might--aaghh..."

Kera felt around Mael's abdomen and nodded. "I think you're having your first contractions..." She thought, *Great. And right where she doesn't really want to be when this happens.* "All right, these pains are more like warm-ups so they should stop after a little while, but I'm taking you home. Just let me gather my stuff, all right? I'll be back in less than five minutes."

"All right," Mael said nervously, squeezing Kera's hand before letting her slip out of sight. "But hurry, okay?" She shut her eyes against the edge of another bout of pain that was beginning to gnaw at her belly. "I want to go home."

Kera ran through the hospital with the purpose she showed when she was needed, which was often. She darted between passersby, many of whom got out of her way, knowing to not stand in the way of a doctor in a hurry. She reached her locker and grabbed the shoulder bag she had prepared before starting to get back to Mael.

Mael had stood and put her denim jacket on once more, and when Kera came back into the room she was shuffling on the spot a bit nervously, her hands resting gently atop her belly. "Are you all set?" she asked her doctor, biting her lip.

Kera smiled and nodded. "Yep. Now come on, let's get you home. We'll take my car, and I think it goes without saying that I'm driving," she said, trying to lighten her mood.

"Okay," Mael said, cracking a nervous smile and stepping out of the door, following Kera. "This all seems so sudden..."

Kera held Mael's hand and rubbed her arm as she walked to the hospital's exit. She stopped at the reception desk to tell the snake what was going on.

Mael leaned gently against the counter as another edging pain settled in on her, her eyes shutting gently against it. "Ooooh..."

Kera stayed calm and kept rubbing her arm. She knew that if she remained calm, it would help Mael remain calm. She turned her head to whisper in Mael's ear, "It's okay, just go with it..."

Mael nodded, breathing slowly as she felt the pain heighten, and then gently leave her. With a sigh, she stood upright once more, holding Kera's arm tighter in her own. "Come on...the sooner we get home the better."

"There ya go." Kera nodded to the snake, who nodded back, and moved her friend toward the big automatic door and into the parking lot, heading for her own car.

"Am I ever glad you're here," Mael said to Kera, walking close to her the whole time, and keeping a tight grip on her arm, "I wouldn't know what to do alone."

Kera put her other arm around her friend's shoulders. "Don't be too sure of that, Mael. Right now, your body is sending you messages and if you go with what they tell you, you'll find that you knew what to do the whole time. I'm just here to remind you of that." The came up to Kera's car and she unlocked it.

Mael opened her door and carefully, and with a bit of difficulty due to her size, slid into the passenger's seat. "Either way, I'm still glad you're here, Kera."

Kera smiled at her as she got in and started the car. "Of course. Wouldn't miss it." She pulled out of the parking lot and started to head for Mael's home.

Along the way Mael had two more small contractions, each just slightly more intense than the last. She sighed with relief when they finally pulled into her driveway. "Home sweet home..." she said with a smile as she opened the door of the car, heaved herself to her feet with surprising speed for her pregnancy, and slowly went to unlock her front door.

Kera took her bag as well as a few other midwifery instruments she kept in a case in the car's trunk for just such an occasion. "Yep, and just think, it's going to add a few more memories to its long list."

"Three more..." Mael said with a small grin, unlocking the door and pushing it open and stepping inside. The whole place was done up in wood and natural tones, save for a game room and a modern-style room which was decorated in colorful and strange new-age furniture. The whole place smelled vaguely of cinnamon, related to the incense she sometimes burned. "I think we should probably go to my room... since the bed's in there and all, and there's a bathroom close by..."

Kera hung up her doctor's coat and took a deep breath as she walked through the house with Mael, loving the scent in the air. "This place smells you burn candles, incense...what have you?"

"Incense, yes," Mael said with a gentle smile, entering her bedroom through a door after a hallway. "It helps calm me when I'm feeling very stressed." Her room was a simple yet elegant place, decorated like much of the rest of the house, and with several large plants in all corners. There was a bed with many pillows at the head, a couch, a TV, and a rocking chair, as well as doorways to her closet and to her bathroom.

Kera sighed happily. "That's perfect; we can probably make pretty good use of it." She surveyed her friend's bedroom. "I can see why you wanted to lay here, I'm feeling quite at peace myself...though it's a shame you don't have anyone to share it with right now."

"It's okay..." she said softly, trailing off as another pain came and she sat down on the edge of her bed, her breathing suddenly very audible.

Kera set her case and bag down and sat on the bed beside Mael, hugging her and rubbing her shoulders. "There you go, just go with it," she whispered.

"Ack," Mael grunted as the pain began to fade just a bit. "I'm starting to feel a lot of pressure," she told Kera as she lied back down against the bed.

*What? She's feeling pressure already?* Kera thought. "Mael, how about we get you undressed so I can check you, okay?" She opened her case and put on a pair of gloves.

"All right," Mael said quietly, taking off her shirt and throwing it aside her bed.

Kera couldn't help but feel a rush of warmth to her privates at seeing her friend in all her pregnant glory but she quickly shook it off. She was a doctor first and a voyeur second. She inserted her fingers into Mael's channel as she did before, and a few seconds later she withdrew them. "Well, you're only a little bit dilated, and probably from your body getting ready before you even felt contractions, so you're probably feeling an egg in there."

" that it?" Mael adjusted her position on the bed a bit, leaning back against the headboard. "Well that would make sense I guess."

Kera disposed of her gloves and sat up. "How about we move around a little bit, try to let gravity help?" She offered her hands and smiled.

Mael stood with a small grunt, taking Kera's hands and shifting her weight from foot to foot slowly, wincing just a bit.

Kera held one of Mael's hands and put her other around Mael's shoulders, leading out of the bedroom. "How about showing me around?"

"Sure," Mael said, shuffling out the door and leaning gently on her friend. Kera was very good, she decided, trying to take her mind off of her ordeal. "This is...the hallway," Mael said with a grin, realizing the stupidity of the statement. "That door leads to a bathroom, and that one to the main guest room."

Kera looked towards where Mael pointed. "Does the bathroom have, say, a tub or something? Ideally a tub in which two people could fit?" she asked, hinting that Mael had options.

Mael nodded. "Yeah, but I don't know about that just yet," she said, stopping suddenly in her tracks as a pain came, leaning against Kera more heavily. Her eyes closed gently, her breathing becoming quicker and deeper. Kera held Mael's hand tighter and Mael closer, nuzzling the side of her face. With a small whimper and a last shuddering sigh, the girl straightened, brushing a strand of dark hair from her face. "The tub would be a really tight squeeze, anyway, at least nowadays."

Kera smiled and moved her free hand to stroke Mael's hair. "That's okay, we can wait until you feel you need it. Shall we continue or do you need to catch your breath?"

"I'm okay..." Mael said softly, taking a deep breath before slowly beginning to move on, staying very close to Kera. They passed a large room with a tall ceiling and all walls lined with bookshelves, a large desk in the middle with a big leather chair. The whole thing was visible through two glass doors. "That's the library," Mael said, gesturing to the room with her free hand. "I like to do a lot of thinking in there by the fireplace."

The Pokémorph's eyebrows raised in amazement. "My goodness, you could go in there and never come out," she said with a giggle. "What kinds of books are in there?"

"All sorts, really," Mael said with a grin. "Though you'll find the science section is a little more stocked than the rest of them," she admitted, "I'm really kind of a nerd at heart."

Kera looked at all of the books for a few seconds and then asked, "Do you want to sit down and read some of them, maybe calm your mind?"

Mael shook her head, giving a small smile. "We can go in if you'd like, but standing is probably best right now...the gravity helping bit sounds appealing." She opened the glass doors, leading Kera inside the room. "You can help yourself to anything you like, of course," she said, leaning against one of the bookshelves and resting her delicate hands on her heavily swollen tummy.

Kera remained by Mael's side and patted the hand she held. "No way, you're my responsibility right now and I'm not leaving you alone just so I can read." She smiled warmly.

Mael gave a shy smile. She hadn't wanted to show it, but she had been hoping Kera would refuse...being alone wouldn't be the most fun thing at the moment. "I appreciate that," Mael said quietly, blushing just a bit.

Kera nodded and continued to smile. "No problem, sweetie. I'm always happy to be someone's cheerleader," she said with a bit of a giggle.

Mael opened her mouth to reply, but the only sound that came from her lips was a small whimper. Her knees buckled just a little bit as the newest pain came crashing over her, and she had to throw her arms around Kera's neck to keep from kneeling. "OhHhh...OhhHhh...." the girl moaned, wincing and holding tightly on to Kera.

Kera moved her head so her forehead was touching Mael's and held her in a hug, rubbing her back and whispering, "Shh, just let it happen, it's going to be okay..."

Mael shut both her eyes and her lips tightly, taking long shuddering breaths as she clung to Kera, her knees slowly beginning to regain their strength as the pain began to ebb away. She gave a long shaky sigh as she slowly stood upright again, pushing a few strands of hair from her face, which was now just barely flushed pink.

Kera continued to hug Mael and rub her back, looking at her with concern again. "Just tell me if you think you need to sit down, okay honey? This is all about listening to what your body tells you to do and I'm here to help, so if you think you can do it, you can."

Mael nodded, not letting go of Kera just yet. Just her presence was comforting. "I don't know about sitting down, but there's a lot more pressure..." she whispered, rocking just a bit on the spot.

Kera ran her sensitive fingers over Mael's abdomen near her pelvis, pressing gently, and kept her face in front of Mael's. "...Well, I think it might be a while yet before you're ready to lay. That's probably the first egg pressing against your cervix and helping open it, so you're helping things move along."

Mael nodded, taking a few steps toward the door with Kera now. She took another breath, shuffling her feet just a bit. "Let's keep walking; we can see some other rooms too." She said, beckoning for the other to follow her, holding out her arm for her.

Kera went back to her usual smiling self and took her arm in an overly dramatic manner. "Thank you good madam," she said cheerfully.

The next room they entered was a large sitting area with several leather couches, a bar, and a fireplace, with an old record player set out on one of the coffee tables (and much more modern stereo equipment hidden about the room). "This is the den," Mael said as they entered the casually elegant room, "it's kind of my entertainment area, when guests come by."

Kera looked around, her eyes wide again. "Wow...Mael, are you really being paid this much for what you're doing?? Sign me up!" Her eyes were particularly drawn to the record player; from her experience, it would likely come in handy.

Mael gave a nervous grin. ", yeah," she said, blushing just a bit more through her already flushed color. "I mean don't get me wrong, I can't just go and --AaAaGghh!" She buckled once again, this time not reaching out to Kera in time as the pain brought her to her knees.

Kera hit the floor fast, gently but quickly grabbing Mael's hands and putting them around her long neck and then cupping Mael's face with her hands. "Mael, look at me, sweetie."

The pregnant girl gave a small cry, panting as the pain wracked her small frame. She raised her eyes slowly, leveling them with Kera's as she contracted.

Kera smiled warmly as she caressed Mael's tense face. "Don't fight it Mael, the eggs will come when they're ready. Just try to relax down there."

Mael gave a few soft whimpers before the pain left her, a thin layer of perspiration beginning to break out on her forehead. She sighed, trying to catch her breath. "There's more and more pressure every time," she murmured, looking down at her swollen stomach.

The Latias midwife gently wiped the sweat from Mael's forehead, still smiling. "That's good, it means the eggs are that much closer to being ready. But Mael, I'll do everything I can to help you through them, and if it gets really bad, I'll take things up a notch. Now let's get you something to drink."

Mael started to get to her feet, hovering shakily for a moment before hunkering back down on her knees and shaking her head. "" she said quietly, "I can't stand up." The feeling was inexplicable, but everything within her was telling her to stay down.

Kera cocked her head in sympathy. "Are your legs tired, dear? Should we take a few contractions sitting down?"

"I don't know, I just can't stand up," Mael whispered, her voice a mix of fear and insistence, "it hurts too much, and it just doesn't feel right." She sighed, shuddering a bit as she knelt there, the pressure stronger than ever even after her contraction.

Kera nodded. "All right honey, we'll do it like this for now, but we should get somewhere you can lay more comfortably. Let's just crawl back to the bedroom, okay? Or would you rather lay in the tub?"

"The bedroom's okay." Mael slowly got onto all fours and began to crawl. Three quarters of the way there, though, her hands faltered as a huge contraction ripped into her, bringing a small scream from her as she fell back against the wall, trying to relax like Kera said. But it was so hard. "AhhHAHHhh...OHhhhhHh..OHHRRrrgh......"

Kera sensed her friend's distress and knelt next to her. "Okay Mael, I thought it wouldn't come to this so fast but now I'll show you what I meant. Just go with it, it'll help you relax." She held Mael's face in her hands again, leaned close...and kissed her on the lips.

Mael's eyes snapped open out of the sudden shock, even through the intense pain that had come to find her...but it was just that intense that she would do anything to try and ease it...and besides, Kera wasn't really all that bad looking anyway. She did her best to try and kiss Kera back but it was hard when in so much pain.

Kera caressed Mael's laboring abdomen with one hand while she traced the nails of her other hand on Mael's still-covered chest, slipping her tongue into Mael's mouth as she gently rubbed her belly button.

The pain slowly began to leave Mael...and as it left, a low burning feeling rose around her sex, coupling with the pressure. Mael's breathing rate increased, though her pain level was down to almost nothing now. And she was kissing Kera back.

Kera felt her friend start to return her affections and pulled back, keeping her face close to Mael's and smiling lovingly. "No need to repay me, sweetie, right now I exist for your pleasure, and your pleasure alone. Now let's get you somewhere soft."

Mael nodded, flushing very pink now as she felt her desire begin to swell...she wanted more of Kera's attention. Slowly beginning to crawl again, she made it into the bedroom and climbed up onto her bed, turning onto her back and falling against the pillows. She gave yet another sigh, wiping the sweat from her brow. She was getting hot from all the contractions, and needing to cool down, she reached down around her waist and pushed her skirt off of her legs, casting it aside and laying back in her maternity bra and panties, both a light shade of pink.

Kera kept her hands in orbit of Mael's erogenous zones the whole time, ready to give Mael more affection, and nodded in appreciation as Mael leaned back on her bed. She knelt on the floor next to the case she had brought in earlier and rummaged through it. "Mae, I think it'll be best if you were completely nude right now. Don't worry; I won't be embarrassed if you won't."

"...I'm not," Mael said with a soft and somewhat timid smile, reaching behind her back and unclasping her bra, removing it and tossing it aside before reaching down and arching her back while wriggling her legs to help remove her panties, which were soon cast aside as well.

Kera smiled back at Mael, feeling another, and more intense, rush of warmth to her groin. She wanted so badly to caress Mael and work her over, but first and foremost she had to make sure Mael got through this okay. Fortunately, she could fulfill her fantasy while doing just that, and she probably would. She took out a pair of gloves and put them on.

Mael grimaced a bit and flinched at the sight of the gloves; that sort of thing always made her nervous. But either way she knew that she was still in good hands. She simply lay on the bed looking up at Kera.

Kera got into the bed next to Mael, seeing her fear of the gloves. She held Mael close. "Don't be afraid, Mae, I'm only wearing these for your protection...but if you're scared of them, I can take them off and sanitize my hands. Is that what you want me to do?"

The girl nodded. "Could you, please? It's just...I get nervous around things like that. I probably wouldn't have come in for my check-ups at all if you hadn't been there." she said, blushing again.

Kera nodded and got off the bed, discarding the gloves. She looked through her case for the sanitizer she knew was there.

Mael sat up, resting the back of her head against the headboard. The pains were gone for the time being. But there was something deep inside her that told her they were building their strength; a completely undeniable feeling almost like a premonition.

Kera soon found what she was looking for, some hand soap that didn't require water to work best, and scrubbed her hands and lower arms with it. It quickly dried as her skin was a bit more water-resistant than that of humans; having no body hair also made her dry faster. She returned to Mael's side and lay down next to her, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and holding Mael's hand with the other.

Mael let out a long, slow breath, tilting her head just a little to rest against Kera's shoulder, taking hold of her hand and simply breathing...waiting.

Kera gently kneaded Mael's hand, letting her rest for a moment. "From the sound of things, Mael, it's not going to be long before you're ready to lay, and when that happens I want you to get into whatever position your body tells you to get in. Don't worry about me telling you that it's wrong or anything, okay?"

Mael nodded, turning over and burying her face in Kera's comforting and breastless chest. "Kera, I'm scared," the girl whimpered, trying to adjust herself so her belly didn't get in the way.

Kera stroked Mael's hair and kissed her head. "There's nothing to be scared of Mael, most people have birth and laying figured all wrong. I've experienced many births and layings where a mother at ease not only felt very little pain, but found the experience to be quite pleasurable...even orgasmic."

Mael raised an eyebrow, opening her lips to reply when she suddenly gasped, flinching hard and curling up against her semi-dragon midwife. "OHH!" She trembled, held onto her stomach, and panted.

Kera held Mael close to her and moved so her head was level with Mael's and kissed her again. One hand held Mael while the other ran down Mael's abdomen, over Mael's hand, and down to her pelvis. Mael shuddered, small grunting noises coming from her throat as she tried to relax, letting Kera kiss her and parting her legs just slightly. Kera caressed Mael's tongue with her own while her hand found Mael's sex. She started to slowly run her open palm across Mael's very wet nethers. A second shudder ran up Mael's spine when Kera touched her labia, her clenched fists relaxing just a bit. Her hips almost involuntarily pushed downward, putting pressure on Kera's hand, the sharp edge of the pain beginning to dull away while the pressure inside her seemed to suddenly triple. Kera didn't enter Mael, just kept rubbing her and kissing her, moaning a bit to further excite the laboring woman. She moved her other hand to Mael's chest, trailing her nails back and forth across it, not touching her nipples but doing their best to prolong the pleasure as much as she could.

The pain slowly left Mael's body, leaving the girl panting and sweating. The soft moaning sounds, though, remained as Mael brought her thighs together, gently holding Kera's hand between them. She brought her arms around Kera as best she could, gently moving forward and continuing to kiss her.

Kera stopped moving her hand and let Mael hold it over her sex. She pulled back from the kiss, licking Mael's lips. "There you go...just let the pleasure overtake the pain. Is the pressure still building?"

Mael nodded, sitting up now. "Yeah...yeah, and I don't want to lie down anymore," she said breathily, bringing herself to kneel beside the bed, her arms resting on the cushion. With gravity pulling down in her favor again, she suddenly felt as if...she couldn't explain it, but something was poking out of her cervix. "Kera, something's happening," she whispered, anxiety in her voice as she panted.

Kera quickly put together what Mael was talking about and took the pillows off of the bed and the cushions off of the couch, setting them all about Mael as she knelt behind her friend. "Do you feel that something's about to start coming out down there?" She her voice was calm as well as focused.

Mael hesitated for a moment, gauging what was going on within her, before she slowly worked herself up to a squatting position, and nodded, the strange sensation growing.

Kera took a deep breath, holding Mael against her. "All right Mael, if that's what your body is telling you then you know what to do. Just remember to breathe as much as you can, and masturbate if you feel you need to."

Mael nodded once again, taking a few deep breaths, big blue eyes looking up at Kera's warm amber ones. Then she gasped as another contraction began to build. Slowly, tentatively, she squatted down, spread her legs, and began to push.

Kera rubbed Mael's hips as she bore down, whispering in her ear, "That's it, just let yourself open up and let the egg come'll come..."

"HAaAAGh!" Mael cried, grunting as the pressure became so intense it felt as if a hundred pound weight were pressing down on her vagina. Her hand was between her legs almost instantly, pushing and rubbing eagerly at the top of her slit.

Kera cupped both of Mael's breasts with her hands and gently kneaded them, nuzzling Mael's cheek and licking the side of her face. "Shh, it's okay, everything's happening as it should."

Mael gave a small whimper, both from the arousal she was creating in herself and the deadening painful pressure that was crashing down on her. She let her head fall back for a moment on Kera's shoulder, taking a huge breath and shutting her eyes tight, beginning to push again.

Kera continued to comfort and touch Mael, letting Mael pleasure herself where she wanted. "Don't force it too fast, Mae, the egg will come when it's ready, but rushing it won't help anything, just try to relax and let it come."

The girl stopped pushing at these words, collapsing just a bit as the tension went out of her body. Suddenly...well, the contraction had ended...but even the lingering pain was gone. Mael stopped whimpering, leaning back on Kera once again. Something was happening to her, now that she was following the advice of her friend, and for now, lover. And instead of feeling pained Mael felt... different. She felt...and it surprised her to no

Kera crossed her arms to hold her birthing friend against her, licking her again. "Mae, you're doing very well, keep that up and we'll have an egg in no time." She noted that Mael's nipples had become stiff, surmising that Mael was feeling as she had done her best to make her feel.

Mael purred gently, a strange cross between a pained and a sexual moan. It was as though primal instinct had seized the scientist, her practical and logical mind cast aside. She grinned, turning over and licking at Kera's snout, taking her hands and cupping them over her breasts again, the slightest bit of milk budding at the tips of her pink nipples. She gasped suddenly; another contraction coming already, though brought a smile as well as a grimace to her face.

Kera resumed her caressing of Mael's chest. Her strategy was working perfectly: Mael's pain was not only fading, it was giving way to pleasure as she allowed it. "Good girl. Let your body do what it's supposed to do and it will give you great power." She caught a drop of milk on her index finger and held it in front of Mael's mouth.

Mael took Kera's finger into her mouth and sucked, using her finger for a pacifier as much as she enjoyed the sweet taste of her own breastmilk. "MmMMmMm...." she moaned, closing her eyes as the pain washed over her. Her fingers began to work at her folds again, and her moaning doubled, her hair falling in her face as she hunkered over and felt herself, not completely on her own accord, begin to push again.

Kera let Mael suck on her finger, becoming increasingly turned on herself but focusing on her friend's pleasure and safety. She used her other hand to grasp Mael's breast and rubbed her nipple with her index and middle fingers, starting to rhythmically pull at the breast and bring the milk down. "Tell me, Mae, what does it feel like to have an egg opening you up?" she asked in a low and husky voice.

"MmMMmmmm....." the girl mewled, wincing and pushing, her hair beginning to stick to her face in pieces. "It hurts, it hurts really bad but it's sooooooooo goooood..." she moaned, giving a soft cry, her hand flying across her now extremely wet sex as the egg descended. "OhHHhhh goddds....!"

Kera grinned, letting her sexual side surface more. " can feel it stretch you open, slide down, closer to your lips, can't you?" She pulled more at Mael's breast, waiting for what she knew was there.

Mael's body suddenly tensed as she brought herself to an orgasm, cum beginning to leak out past her fingers and running down her thighs. "AHHHAHHHGH!" she cried, shuddering in Kera's arms, a thin trickle of milk dribbling from her sensitive nipples. Her hand continued to work at her throbbing clit as her contraction faded. Suddenly...suddenly there was something warm and smooth just beneath the soft folds. If she put her finger inside herself...

Kera herself almost came from the sheer sexuality of the event, gently milking her friend. Then she felt Mael's surprise and knew what was happening. "I guess it is working, isn't it, you egglaying hottie?" She started to move her hand away from Mael's breast and withdrew her finger from Mael's mouth, moving them to her sex. "How about we switch off?"

Mael shuddered, gently moving her hand from her sex, but taking Kera's and placing it there very quickly. She lingered just a moment, pushing a finger up to the second knuckle inside of her, and gently stroking the point of the egg still within her body. "OhHhhhh..." she moaned gently, taking a rest for a moment, her head falling against Kera's shoulder, where she gently began to kiss at her midwife's neck, tears of joy starting to run down her cheeks.

Kera craned her longer neck to kiss Mael's collarbone and the tops of her breasts. "Doesn't that feel incredible? Isn't it unlike anything you've ever experienced before?" She licked as much of the tops of Mael's breasts as she could. "It won't be long now, soon we'll be at the end. But you know, Mael, if it hasn't happened already, the diameter of the egg should reach your g-spot soon...and then your clit..."

Mael mumbled something unintelligible, her sweaty body shivering with anticipation. "More...down there." she groaned, pushing Kera's hand against her still-together labia. She breathed deeply, preparing herself.

Kera growled, "Yesss, even more." She ran through a mental checklist of what to watch for if Mael were having trouble, and Mael had the all-clear to continue like this. She couldn't wait to see what Mael would do once the egg started to emerge.

Mael moved Kera's hand harder across her labia, showing her what she had meant by more. She groaned, her eyes rolling back as another contraction washed over her and the pressure grew again deep down inside her. "UnnNnHH..." Mael grunted, starting to give short little pushes, feeling her lips soon begin to separate just the slightest bit...

Kera traced the fingers of both of her hands around the tip of the emerging egg. "Yes, feel with both your hands and your groin, feel the egg come out, feel it stretch you open," she whispered.

"Ohhh....Ohhh...ohHHHHHhoHOHh...!" Mael began to shiver, her fingers tightening into fists as she felt the egg begin to push up against her g-spot. With the next tiny little jump in the egg's movement, Mael was sent reeling into oblivion. "AAAhAHhoooHOOHOHHOOHHHooOOoo OOOOooOooOOooO!!!!" the girl screamed, the wave of her orgasm building seemingly without crest, her breathing coming in short ragged pants as she clutched desperately to Kera, screaming with lust as the egg pushed at her delicate little slit, bulging her outward and inching her open. "Y--YyY-YYYessssSSssssssOHhoohhohhhhhh!!! UNH! UuUuuHHHnnNNNGgg!"

Kera smiled in satisfaction. This was going as well as she thought it could go: Mael was leaving orbit from pleasure and the egg was coming along at its own pace from Mael's refocusing her pushing energy and letting the egg come. Not only was it going to get better, Mael's body was doing it all on its own.

Mael suddenly felt her muscles giving a huge heave, pushing the egg hard, stretching her open faster as it pushed out of her body, her twitching fingers cradling it gently as she rode the crest of an orgasm the likes of which she had never felt possible.

Kera slid her fingers along Mael's stretching nethers, relishing the feeling of them stretching further. She tenderly licked Mael's sweaty face as she brushed Mael's hands with her own. "Good girl, just keep it up, I'm here for you," she said in the calmest voice she could.

Mael couldn't have stopped cumming if she tried, the way the egg was pushing increasingly hard against her clit. She groaned, pushing off from the bed and dropping to all fours on the pillows and cushions, her back arched, belly and breasts hanging down, hips up in the air as she pushed at the egg, feeling the pressure continuing to grow and her sex stretch wider and wider.

Kera saw the egg glistening with Mael's juices, thick fluid dripping off its end. She sat behind Mael and decided to send Mael into supernova. *Hope you don't pass out, Mae,* she thought. With skill that comes from great practice, she cupped her open hands under the egg and slid both of her ring fingers between the egg and Mael's clit, applying even more pressure to her love button.

Mael didn't pass out, but her arms did buckle and collapse beneath her, sending her front end to the ground, her rear still up in the air. Liquid poured from the spot between the egg and her walls Kera had created, spilling out down her thighs and over Kera's hands. She couldn't even scream, her voice was lost, her mouth a gaping O, her whole body shivering as she clutched desperately at a pillow, small animal noises coming from her throat, her pupils fully contracted. And the egg kept on coming...just a little more...

Kera's smile widened even further. *Jackpot,* she thought as she watched the egg cause Mael's lips to pull tighter across the shell: they were bright red right now but she knew it wasn't from pain. She leaned in and started licking at Mael's stretching sex; she tasted absolutely delicious.

And with a last, great, shuddering push, the egg squeezed out of Mael's tiny passage, leaving the girl collapsed in a heap on her bedroom floor, gently drifting back down to earth, the smell of her sex hanging thick in the air. Eight seconds later, Kera knee-walked to be beside Mael's face. She slowly leaned down and bended so she was looking Mael in the eyes, her face loving and calm. "It's a Bulbasaur, Mael." She moved the egg into Mael's field of vision. It was four and a half inches at its widest point and thirteen inches long, covered in various shades of green that looked like patterns of leaves. "I'm just going to clean you up and then you can rest." She leaned in to kiss her. "You did very well, sweetie. I'm very proud of you."

Mael smiled weakly, kissing Kera and moving just a bit closer to her egg. Her eyes shone with moisture as her breathing began to slow back to a normal rate. Kera placed the egg near Mael's arm and then took out a pair of small towels from her case. She put some of the sanitizer on one end of a towel and gently started to wipe Mael's overstimulated sex clean. Mael took the large egg in the crook of her arm, pulling it close and kissing it gently. It wasn't even hatched yet but maternal instinct drew her to it...she already loved it dearly. "Kera, please...come..." she whispered.

Kera smiled and took out another towel. She moved so she was leaning over and looking at Mael again. "Yes, Mae?" She smiled more at seeing Mael so affectionate with the egg. Mael set the egg safely beyond both of them, pulled Kera closer, and kissed her. Kera returned the kiss, answering Mael's unspoken statement with one of her own. Then she moved Mael's head into her lap and started lovingly wiping the sweat off of her, her eyes never leaving Mael's.

"Don't leave," the girl whispered quietly, relaxing onto Kera as fatigue began to settle onto her.

Kera paused for a moment to softly shake her head and say, "Don't worry, Mae." She moved Mael's sweaty hair out of her face as she continued to wipe her friend down. "I'm here for you."