I had an odd dream one night. I guess that was where it all began. This great big dragon was looking down on me. For what seemed like hours it simply stared and then it said quietly:

 "yes, you’ll do nicely"


                Now, the next day began as usual. I sat up and wandered into my bathroom, washed, dressed, all that sort of thing. While dressing I stuffed my things into my bag ready for work. The bus was crowded, I ended up sitting next to some weirdo who showed me his scar collection all the way there. Which is why I arrived at the base of the tower tired out and angry. And to my utter horror the lift up to the roof was also crowded and I was once again treated to a display of the same guy’s scars.


                Eventually I reached the roof, by which time the lift was empty of scars and everyone else. As  the doors opened a took a deep breath and stepped into the daylight of another days work cleaning the rooftop cafe. Sometimes my life seems like an endless stream of brooms and mops. I'd only started this job to buy myself a new TV. That was eight years ago. I still didn’t have the TV. As I swept, I noticed an odd swirling in the air. To my horror a small green dragoness popped out.

"Ah! There you are handsome!" It leered at me.

"who...what are you?" I was pretty scared, well, wouldn’t you be?

"I'm you! Or a part of you. Or part of what you could be." This seemed an improvement on what I was expecting.

"oh." I lose interest in an absurdity real fast.

"Aren't you going to ask me what I want?" she seemed crestfallen

"would you tell me?" I enquired.

"yes. but it would take a while"

"then It will have to wait till lunch. now hush. Hide,  someone’s coming."

It turned out it was my highly suspicious manager who had been waiting since day one to catch me slacking.

"Hey! who’s this jerk" the little dragoness seemed none too impressed with my employer.

"What! Did you bring a pet to work, Rex? you’re fired."

"you’re a jerk, mister! Be the dog you truly are!" The boss, at these words, shrank., fur covered his body. When we left he was whimpering and trying to walk on his hind legs.


                That evening we were at home. The dragoness was watching the moon rise.

"Okay, that’s it! its time."  She Jumped at me. and then vanished. I stared at the spot she had hit. There wasn’t a mark and yet she's gone through me. A wave of dizziness hit me and I collapsed.


                I awoke some hours later due to pains in my underwear. I was lying on some grass. I had no time to examine my surroundings however, I ripped off all my clothing and stared down in horror.  My manhood was gone, to be replaced by the slit of a woman. I gasped as I felt the womb form and  my waistline shrank. Then my nipples expanded, and continued to expand.  Mt hair became blonde and fell down to my shoulders. I stared at my newly formed femininity.

"hello my dear" said a familiar voice from behind me. I span and found myself looking at a leg. I looked up at the same large dragon I had dreamed about. "so," he said "you’re here at last. I see you found yourself. Now be a good girl and go the rest of the way."

I screamed in agony as I began to grow.

"You see my dear. 25 years ago, you were my mate. A dragon hunter came into our village."

A pair of wings ripped from my back, my legs began moving apart, and my neck got longer.

"He found and killed many dragons that day."

A tail ripped its way out of my rear and entwined itself around a nearby tree, my face extended outward and I was covered in scales.

"Now at the time you were pregnant with eggs. so I decided to turn you into a human and send you to another world until it was safe.

My spikes and claws extended now and a sense of satisfaction came over me as I panted there, exhausted.

" and so my dear," he turned to look at me, an as he did, an intense feeling of pure love and adoration came over me " we managed to kill him. yesterday."

I stared at him. He was so handsome. "I was...pregnant?"

He looked down at my belly, which immediately swelled into a stage of pregnancy so advanced that the lumps of the eggs were actually visible through the skin of my underside. I suddenly felt very protective. My mate approached me then and locked me in his embrace.

"its good to have you back Skysearch." I couldn’t find anyway to answer my mate, so I just held him.


Well. that’s my story. I thought I’d tell it to you all. I hope you enjoyed it. I must be getting back to my lair now. The hatchlings will be waking up soon. ravenous little things, they are, about fourteen  months old. they will be hunting for themselves soon though. I do like to be there when they away. Maybe there will be other times and new stories. but until then, farewell.


As told to GandriVixen, 2003.